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Best battery pack for reclining furniture

Best Battery Pack for Reclining Furniture (2020 Review)

Electric or power recliners differ from manual recliners in that they need to be connected to a power source in order to recline back and forth. So when the power goes out, it’s impossible to recline your electric recliner. This is why it is highly recommended that you get yourself the best battery pack for reclining furniture so as to continue using the recliner even during a power outage.

In this article, we shall review the top 7 battery packs that will work perfectly for your power recliner.

But first, here are the top-rated battery packs based on customer reviews and experiences.

  1. Lavolta Battery Pack for reclining furniture
  2. Limoss battery pack with charger
  3. Raffel Rechargeable battery pack for power recliners

Best Battery Pack for Power Recliner Comparison Table

Lavolta Battery Pack.Powers over 100 cycles
.Takes 6 hours to fully charge
.Has light indicator
.Long lasting battery
Limoss Battery pack.It is universal
.Comes with a charger
. Includes 85 inches extension cable
.Holds charge for long
Raffel Rechargeable battery pack .275 cycles with a single charge
.Integrated switching power supply
.takes 5 hours to charge fully
Enouvation E4 Power Pack.Compact and lightweight
.Very advanced
.Comes with own charger
.Has power indicators
iRelax 2500 Wireless Battery Pack.Offers 400 cycles on a single charge
.Has power indicator
.Charge lasts long
.Comes with mounting bracket and hardware

Top 7 Best battery pack for reclining furniture Reviews

1. Lavolta Battery Pack for reclining furniture

This battery pack by Lavolta measures 7.87 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches and weighs 1.26 pounds.

It does not need to be connected to a power socket so you can place your recliner anywhere around the house.

In addition, it holds enough charge to power over 100 cycles for a single recliner like an armchair or loveseat with moderate use for several weeks. This means you can go for weeks without recharging the battery pack and still use the recliner.

However, highly powerful recliners may drain the battery faster since they have more features like lights and cup water warmer. These extra features consume more power and hence you may need to charge the battery pack more often.

To charge the battery, simply use the power supply that came with your recliner. Plug it into the socket and leave the battery to charge.

It takes approximately 6 hours to charge fully. Of course for first-time use, you need to charge the battery for not less than 48 hours.


  • Removes trip hazard
  • The battery holds the charge for long
  • You can place your recliner anywhere you want in the room.
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Has a light indicator that helps to know when the charge is low.


  • The pack is not suitable for use with recliners with a USB port, touch-sensitive buttons or LED lights on an open-close switch

2. Limoss Battery pack with charger 

This battery pack by Limoss is universal and works with most major brands of furniture. It measures 11.7 x 6.9 8 x 3.1 inches with a 14.1 ounces weight.

Moreover, it is one of the few battery packs that come with a charger and an extension cable that is 85 inches long.

It is easy to connect to the recliner seat using the standard two-prong connections. Also, charging is very easy as it can be done while the battery is still connected to the recliner.

This pack is perfect for use during power outages. However, it must stay plugged into the socket and the recliner to use when the power goes out.

Once fully charged, it can last up to a month as long as the recliners do not have features that drain the battery rapidly like USB ports and lights.

It is not only great for recliners but also lifts chairs, love seats, sectionals, and sofas.


  • A perfect solution when there is no power supply.
  • The battery pack is universal.
  • Easy to use and charge.
  • It keeps the charge for long.
  • Fits perfectly under the couch


  • Does not come with an instructions manual.

3. Raffel Rechargeable battery pack 

This battery pack by Raffel weighs 2 pounds and can provide power to your recliner for up to 275 cycles with a single charge.

It has an integrated switching power supply that converts and regulates the voltage of the electrical power when the battery is charging.

The battery takes only 5 hours to charge fully after which you can disconnect the wall plug.

This means that you can use this battery pack anywhere in the house; hence, you can place your recliner at any place in the room instead of having it close to an electrical outlet.

Most importantly, the battery is compatible with most actuators for recliners.


  • Easy to use and high-quality battery pack
  • Compacts with most actuators
  • It fits under the recliner, and no one will see it.
  • The packs help to get rid of cables on the floor.
  • The battery holds power for long.


  • It does not work on the new LZ Boys since they have round male pin plug with 8 prongs

4. Enouvation E4 Power Pack

The E4 power pack battery measures 4 * 4* 2 inches and weighs 1.7 pounds. Thus, it is more compact and lighter than most battery packs.

It’s one of the most advanced battery packs for reclining furniture available in the market today. This is based on the fact that it uses the most advanced technology available and has several certifications attributed to its high safety standards for home operation.

The battery is cordless, which eliminates trip hazards and enables you to place your recliners anywhere in the room

Most importantly, it takes less time to charge and has an LED power indicator that alerts you when the battery is low while using the recliner.

It gives you the freedom to place your recliner anywhere in the room since you don’t have to fix your recliner near the power supply.

In addition, it is very easy to set up. It comes with its own charger, which compatible with most furniture from known brands that have 2 prong motor connections out of the box.

If your recliner is not compatible, this company offers you adopters that convert most connections.


  • It is safe to use at home
  • The battery is cordless
  • It is compact and lightweight
  • Very powerful
  • Has power indicators that alert you when the battery is low
  • Battery charges faster


  •  Price is on the higher side

5. iRelax 2500 Wireless Battery Pack 

The battery measurements are 6.25 8 * 3.75 * 1.75 inches with a weight of 2.1 pounds

This is another battery that will give you the freedom to place your recliner anywhere in the room since it’s cordless. Hence, there will be no tripping over power cords since its wireless.

The battery offers 400 cycles on a single charge and charges using the existing SPS of the recliner.

However, the battery might not last very long if you have powered cup holders, LED light, backlit display, or USB function since they consume more power.

It’s advisable to charge the battery for 24 hours upon initial use so that your battery can last for long.

In addition, the pack has an alarm to alert you when the battery needs a recharge.

Most importantly, this battery pack comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer’s date. So if the battery has a problem within that time, you are free to contact the manufacturer.


  • You can place your recliner anywhere in the room
  • The battery runs for long on normal usage
  • Has alarm to alert you when the battery is low
  • The battery also comes with a mounting bracket and hardware.
  • Has a 2-year warranty.


  • Price is a little on the higher side

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With the best battery pack for reclining furniture, you no longer have to place your recliner next to the power supply.

Most battery packs nowadays do not need to be plugged in so as to charge a recliner. This gives you the freedom to place the recliner anywhere in the room.

A good battery pack should however hold power for long without the need to charge often. It should also have a power indicator to alert you when the charge is low so that you don’t end up getting stuck on the recliner once the battery dies.

The packs we have reviewed above meet these qualities so you can choose the one the meets your needs.

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