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Best Floating Shelves for Kitchen Walls ([year] Reviews)

Did you know that you can manage your kitchen space by carefully choosing the best floating shelves for kitchen walls?

There is something about floating shelves that make them part of nearly every home’s décor be it in the kitchen, bathroom or even garage.

Other than the fact that they add aesthetic value and let you organize your home, floating shelves take up less space.  Thus, in the kitchen where appliances and gadgets already take up too much space; managing your space should be a priority.

In this article, we shall focus on the top 5 best floating shelves suitable for kitchen walls. We shall also discuss some of the factors that you should consider when choosing floating shelves and the questions that people frequently asked about them.

At A Glance – Best Floating Shelves for Kitchen

Best Floating Shelves for Kitchen – Comparison Table

BAYKA Floating Shelves – Rustic WoodBAYKA Floating Shelves – Rustic Wood
  • Makes full use of kitchen space
  • Industrial metal brackets
  • Unique triangular brackets
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Micup Floating ShelvesMicup Floating Shelves
  • Made of solid pine wood
  • Heat resistant
  • Durable and does not deform
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SUPERJARE Wall Mounting Floating ShelvesSUPERJARE Wall Mounting Floating Shelves
  • Made of thickened and premium board
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Powdered coated metal brackets
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Love-KANKEI Floating ShelvesLove-KANKEI Floating Shelves
  • Shelves made of solid rustic wood
  • Can organize spices as well as mugs and utensils
  • High-quality steel brackets
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SODUKU Rustic Kitchen Wood Wall ShelfSODUKU Rustic Kitchen Wood Wall Shelf
  • Multifunctional
  • Made of high-quality pine wood
  • The metal frame is rustproof and heat resistant
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Best floating shelves for kitchen reviews

1. BAYKA Floating Shelves – Rustic Wood

BAYKA Floating Shelves – Rustic Wood

Make full use of your kitchen space with these rustic wooden shelves that come in a set of three.

The shelves come with industrial metal brackets and all the necessary hardware so they are ready for installation. All you need are screws to install them onto the wall and arrange your kitchen items immediately.

The unique triangular brackets allow you to display the shelves in two ways. You can opt to have the board with the brackets facing down or up depending on your preference. Whichever way you choose, these shelves are very sturdy and can hold heavy items.

They are perfect not only for use in the kitchen but also for holding collectibles, books, plants, photos, and more in the living room or bathroom.


  • They are very sturdy on the wall
  • Easy to install
  • Come with strong industrial brackets
  • They are lightweight yet strong enough for heavy items
  • Very durable


  • You may notice a natural color variation among the 3 shelves, which is normal with wood.

2.  Micup Floating Shelves

Micup Floating Shelves

While most floating shelves are made of soft-wood like fir and paulownia, the Micup shelves are made of solid pine wood. This wood is not only expensive but also heat resistant, durable and does not deform.

This means that you do not have to worry about your shelves not been able to withstand heavy items in the kitchen. You can also use it in the office, bathroom and any other room at home to organize your items.

The shelves also come with a removable towel bar with 8 movable hooks. So it comes handy in the kitchen to hold jars, cooking sticks, cups and more.

Most importantly, these shelves are very easy to install as they come pre-assembled. They come with all the necessary hardware for installation including 6 fixed screws and extra screws in case you need more. Thus, you can install these shelves within minutes after purchase.

Moreover, they come with strong industrial metal brackets that allow the shelves to hold heavy items without falling.


  • Made of strong and durable pine wood
  • Great for heavy items
  • They are very easy to install with no drilling required
  • Full refund guaranteed within 24 months in case you are not satisfied with the product
  • They come with all the necessary hardware for easy installation


  • None so far

3. SUPERJARE Wall Mounting Floating Shelves

SUPERJARE Wall Mounting Floating Shelves

The SUPERJARE floating shelves are made of P2 thickened and premium board so they are very sturdy and durable.

With a rustic look and powdered-coated metal brackets, the shelves bring an aesthetic feeling which enhances your home décor in the kitchen, living room, office or bathroom.

They are easy to assemble and install since they come with all the installation hardware, which include 4 industrial brackets, wall anchors and screws. In addition, they come with detailed instructions on how to effortlessly set them up.

The shelves come in a set of 2 and each can hold as much as 20lbs, so they are ideal for heavy kitchen items.

Most importantly, the shelves are independent, which means that they can be installed together or separately.

Other than using in the kitchen, you can use these shelves to organize small items around the house such as phones, books, trophies, and photos.


  • Made of high-quality wood
  • Strong and sturdy on the wall
  • Come with all installation hardware
  • Very easy to assemble and mount on the wall
  • It can be used as an organizer


  • They are anchors are not very strong so you may need to purchase sturdier ones

4. Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves

Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves

If you are looking for a floating shelf that can hold your spices as well as organize your mugs and small cooking utensils, get the Love-KANKEI.

These shelves are made of rustic solid wood. They come with a removable bar with 8 removable hanging hooks for your kitchen items. The hooks are removable to allow you to hang a kitchen towel on the bar or paper towel.

In addition, they come with high-quality steel brackets that are powder coated to prevent rusting. When mounted on the wall, these brackets are very strong and sturdy so the shelves can hold heavy items.

They come in different colors so you can choose the one that matches your kitchen décor.


  • It is very easy to assemble and install
  • Sturdy and strong when mounted
  • Lightweight
  • Great for hanging kitchen items like mugs and pans
  • Different colors available


  • They cannot be mounted on a gypsum wall since it is not solid; hence, cannot support these shelves

5. SODUKU Rustic Kitchen Wood Wall Shelf

SODUKU Rustic Kitchen Wood Wall Shelf

This is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to buying a floating shelf for your kitchen.

The 2 shelves can be used to hold bottles and glass jars as well as hold kitchen towels. In addition, hooks can be put on the towel bar to allow you to hang small kitchen items like spoons and pans.

Moreover, the towel holder is removable so you can choose to have it on the shelf or not.

Most importantly, installation is very easy since the shelves come with 4 fixed screws and 4 fixed expansion screws. So all you need to it mount it on the wall after purchase.


  • It is multifunctional
  • Made from high-quality pine wood with metal frame
  • The metal frame is rustproof and heat resistant
  • Comes with high-quality steel brackets


  • You have to drill holes on the wall


You can organize your space and enhance the overall feel by getting the best floating shelves for kitchen as reviewed in this article. The shelves will help to declutter your kitchen as well as store items that you use frequently when cooking. Apart from the kitchen, you can use floating shelves to organize items in the bathroom, living room, garage, and office.