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8 Best Handheld Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure

Handheld showerheads are highly convenient and flexible. You can mount them on the wall and use them as a regular showerhead or take it off to reach all parts of your body. The best handheld showerheads for low water pressure can even help regulate the water pressure.

Handheld showers are attached to the water pipe via a long metal hose. You can fix them atop the wall with a small bracket to hold them in place when not in use. If placed at the right height, this bracket also doubles as an overhead showerhead. 

Standard handheld showers have showerheads with equally spaced holes with added flexibility. Other variants may have different settings to change the stream or speed of the water. The versatility of handheld showerheads, along with their sleek look, adds to their appeal.

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If you’re looking for a well-researched list of the best showerheads in the market, you’ve come to the right place. I set out to review the best shower heads for low water pressure. This quest has helped me find the top 8 shower heads to suit this purpose. The high-pressure handheld shower head by HO2ME stands out but, read on to find your perfect fit!

Best handheld showerheads for low water pressure (our picks)

1. HO2ME High Pressure Hand Held Shower Head

HO2ME High Pressure Hand Held Shower Head

One of the highest-rated handheld showerheads, this one comes with ravishing reviews. It features a 79 inches long hose for great flexibility. Its multiple settings help regulate flow and pressure, turning even the lowest water pressure high. The chrome finish and wide showerheads give it a modern and sleek look. 

This showerhead sells at a highly affordable price with great features. You can buy this for just $22.43


  • Increases water-pressure incredibly
  • Easy to install
  • 3 different spray settings
  • Wider than the average round showerhead
  • Covers a customer service card and FAQs along with instructions
  • Chrome finish


  • Does not include self-cleaning nozzles
  • Wall bracket is not magnetic

2. Delta H2Okinetic In2ition Hand Held Shower Head

Delta H2Okinetic In2ition Hand Held Shower Head

Another excellent option is the Delta Faucet 5-Spray H2Okinetic In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Hand Held Shower Head. Its 2-in-1 dual showerhead can be used as a mounted shower or a hand-held one. It provides high-pressure water flow for a powerful shower experience. You can further increase this pressure by removing the pressure restrictor that it comes with.

Multiple spray settings for this include H2Okinetic PowerDrench spray, Full Body spray, Full Spray with Massage, Massaging spray, and Pause. The unique feature of the Delta shower head is the Pause feature in it. This reduces the water flow to a minimum to save water during shaving or lathering.

However, all the great features come with a slightly expensive price tag. The sale price of this showerhead begins at $100.47. The high-end price range is the only thing keeping this showerhead from the #1 spot on this list.


  • Multiple color finishes to choose from
  • Magnetic dock
  • 5 different spray settings
  • Water-Conserving Pause Feature
  • Massage setting
  • 60-82 Inches stretchable metal hose


  • Comes with a built-in pressure restrictor which has to be removed to experience high-pressure water spray
  • One of the more expensive options to choose from

3. LOKBY High-Pressure Hand Held Shower Head 6 Settings

LOKBY High-Pressure Hand Held Shower Head 6 Settings

The LOKBY shower heads are known for their pressure-increasing systems. With its six types of shower spray, this one is no different. It increases even the lowest pressure to give you a practical shower experience.

The six different spray settings bring you the best showers for every need, from mist sprays to massage. Further, it is equipped with self-cleaning and anti-clogging nozzles. This means easy cleaning even in areas with limescale-causing hard water. 

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Tool-free installation of this showerhead comes with clear instructions and all the pre-requisites. The showerhead is also made of rust-proof and heat-proof materials. 

This showerhead retails at a reasonable price of $35.97. But, since the LOKBY handheld showerhead does not have a warranty, it ranks lower on the list.


  • 6-spray settings
  • Chrome finish
  • Heat-proof and rust-proof materials
  • Self-cleaning nozzle


  • No warranty on the product

4. AquaDance 7” Premium High Pressure 3-Way Rainfall Combo

AquaDance 7” Premium High Pressure 3-Way Rainfall Combo

Next on the list is the AquaDance 7” Premium High-Pressure 3-Way Rainfall Combo. It significantly boosts water pressure in low-pressure bathrooms. This showerhead comes in a combo of two fixed showerheads and one handheld. 

Each of the showerheads comes with six different shower settings. These can be used together or separately. The two showerheads are also of different diameters, providing multiple options to best suit your needs. 

The AquaDance 7” Rainfall Combo showerhead is currently selling at $34.99, which is highly reasonable for its values.


  • 2 different showerheads of different sizes
  • Showerheads can be used separately or together
  • 6 types of setting for each showerhead
  • Easy to install
  • High-quality finish


  • A drop in water pressure can be felt when using both the showerheads together.

5. Newentor High Pressure Shower Head with Handheld

Newentor High Pressure Shower Head with Handheld

This is the first handheld showerhead on this list that does not have a round face. This shower’s square head and adjustable neck are designed to provide wider coverage in bathrooms. The adjustable neck makes it accommodating for people even as tall as 6’7″.

Six different settings and the smart-switch options add to the ease of operation of this showerhead. You can safely use it for bathing your pets. The Newentor Handheld Shower sells for $35.99.


  • Premium quality finish
  • Quick installation procedure
  • Fits most standard shower arms
  • Square shape provides wider coverage


  • The adjustable neck of this shower requires a high ceiling in the bathroom

6. HydroLuxe 1433 Showerhead and Rain Shower Combo

HydroLuxe 1433 Showerhead and Rain Shower Combo

The Hydroluxe 1433 is another combo showerhead. It comes with a handheld and a fixed shower head, which can be used in combination when required. It has five different high-pressure spray settings. The patented 3-way diverter in this showerhead also allows for 24 different combination sprays between the two showerheads!

The handheld showerhead is fitted with a 5ft long stainless steel hose. Both showerheads are made of premium quality ABS materials. The showerheads come in 3 different finishes – chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze.

Retailing at $24.99, this product comes with a 10-year limited warranty when purchased from an authorized dealer. 


  • Dual showerhead
  • 5 full spray settings and 24 combination settings
  • Premium quality ABS materials
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • 3 different finished looks


  • Warranty only applicable on purchase from authorized dealers

7. YooMee High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with Powerful Spray

YooMee High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with Powerful Spray

The powerful spray of the YooMee handheld shower noticeably boosts the water pressure. In addition, the brushed nickel finish of this showerhead gives it a unique look. It is easy to install and comes with a 79-inch long hose and an adjustable bracket.

The YooMee showerhead also comes with three different spray settings. These settings also include a massage and a pulse massage setting. This showerhead will cost you about $27 and is easy to install.


  • Boosts water pressure significantly
  • 3 spray settings including massage sprays
  • Nozzles are anti-clogging
  • Built with high-quality materials


  • The showerhead is made of plastic and is susceptible to breaking if dropped from a height

8. AquaDance High Pressure 6 Settings Showerhead

AquaDance High Pressure 6 Settings Showerhead

The AquaDance 6-Setting handheld showerhead is the second one from the AquaDance series list. Made with premium nickel-plated ABS, this showerhead has a smooth, modern look. It also comes in three different colors – full chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze – each providing a super sleek finish to the showerhead.

Easy instructions and provided equipment ensure no drilling and quick installation. The 3.5” face of the showerhead falls on the smaller side compared to others. However, at $26.99, the AquaDance 6 setting showerhead is very reasonably priced.


  • 3 different color finishes
  • Omes with 6 shower spray settings
  • Made with premium nickel-plated materials
  • Quick and easy installation


  • The showerhead is small and provides less coverage compared to other showerheads

What to Consider When buying a handheld showerhead?


The size of your showerhead should be compatible with your bathroom. For instance, if you have a smaller shower space, look for showerheads that aren’t too tall or too wide. Unless you have a fully enclosed shower space, a wider range showerhead will drench even the dry areas of your bathroom.


High-quality materials ensure a longer life for your showerhead. It may be tempting to get the job done at a lower cost but investing in sturdy materials means fewer expenses in the long run. Stainless steel and nickel-plated showerheads remain rust-free and sturdy over time. Plastic showerheads can also be free of rust. However, they need to be used more carefully as they have a higher chance of breaking if dropped.


You can cut down on a lot of stress by buying showerheads that are easy to install. Most showerheads these days come with clear instructions and helpful equipment that allow for tool-free installations. This means that you can install your showerhead without any professional help or excessive work like drilling holes. It is also reasonably quick to install them and takes between 15-30 minutes to get done.

Spray Settings

Different spray settings on showerheads have varied purposes. For example, the massage settings on the showerheads can genuinely help relieve you of muscle ailments. They do a fantastic job, especially when coupled with higher pressure and warm water. Check out different settings on the showerhead to find ones that suit your purpose best. 

Water pressure

Showerheads are capable of significantly improving water pressure in your bathroom! Even if you usually experience low pressure, many showerheads, with the help of air pressure, can provide a higher pressure shower spray! This is an inexpensive and easy fix to low water pressure in your shower space.


With multiple colors, finishes, and shapes, you can easily find a showerhead that suits your style. The best handheld shower head for low water pressure is one that matches your aesthetic. Along with increasing the water pressure, various styles can fit a modern, vintage, or rustic look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my shower pressure so low?

There could be many reasons you see low water pressure in your bathroom. For example, the shower pressure could be especially low due to clogged pipes or nozzles on your showerhead. But, first, make sure the water valve is open fully to ensure the proper flow of water.

If the valve is open and functioning, clean out the showerhead and check for improvements. The next step would be to check the pipe for blockages and leaks. Leaks along the shower arm or even the water pipe leading to your shower can cause lowered water pressure. 

Defective or incorrectly installed water pressure regulators can also cause low water pressure. You may want to call a plumber if this is the cause of low pressure in your shower.

Are there shower heads that increase water pressure?

Yes, absolutely! As you can see from the various options reviewed above, showerheads can increase water pressure. In addition, manufacturers use multiple methods to increase water pressure within the showerhead. For example, some manufacturers use compression chambers to improve water pressures. In other cases, reduce the flow rate, or you could use external air pressure to boost water pressure in the shower.

What is the difference between a rain shower head and a regular shower head?

One of the biggest differences between a regular and a rain shower head is their placement. A standard showerhead sits at an angle against the wall. But, a rain shower head will be placed parallel to the ceiling so that it sits right atop your head. A rain showerhead is supposed to mimic the gentle but consistent fall of raindrops in nature. These showerheads, therefore, tend to be wider than standard showerheads. While regular showerheads are circular or round, a rain showerhead may be square. This ensures that a wider area is covered within the shower space. 

Unlike rain showers, regular showerheads spray water at a higher pressure. They also have more spray settings for a unique shower experience. Rain showers usually only have one spray setting. They are great for a soft, relaxing time in the shower. Their sleek look makes for a truly elegant fixture in one’s bathroom. But, they are difficult to install and might require professional help.

Wrapping Up

There’s a large variety of handheld showerheads in the market. You can easily pick the best handheld shower head for low water pressure that suits your needs. Most of these handheld showerheads come equipped with multiple shower spray settings. The minimum number of settings we have seen in a shower head is at least 3. These switchable settings allow for the optimal use of your showerhead by changing the speed and force of water. 

A fully functional shower head with running hot water can help relieve body pain. Settings like massage spray or pulsating massage in some showerheads are specifically meant to aid this. Thus you can pick a shower to your liking to best suit your demands. 

Installation of most of these handheld showerheads seems pretty easy. The showerhead kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions along with some basic implements. Materials like plumber’s tape or Teflon tape and rubber washers are usually provided with the shower head and hose. These materials aid in quick, secure installation and help prevent leaks in the future.

This is your sign if you are looking to invest in a handheld showerhead to fix low water pressure. There are some great options available that are an inexpensive way to boost water pressure in your bathroom. So get one today, and you too can experience incredible showers daily!