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Best Sand Bath for Hamsters: Review & Buying Guide

Hamsters can make excellent pets, but keeping any pet involves a certain amount of work. Ensuring that your pet is safe, warm, clean, and well-fed is important. Hamsters are pretty good at keeping themselves clean. They spend a lot of time grooming and cleaning on their own. But, there may be times when you would have to step in and help your hamster. But, unlike humans, hamsters do not benefit from a soap and water bath. This can instead do more harm to them. Here’s where a sand bath comes into play. They can be a safe way for your hamster to get that extra cleaning that they sometimes need. When done correctly, sandbaths can be very helpful for hamsters. They help remove dirt and grease with ease from their fur. Sandbaths can also discourage insect or parasite infestation. They are great for hamsters! Read on to find the best sand bath for your hamster.

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What is a hamster sand bath?

Best Sand Bath for Hamsters

Sand baths are essentially a vessel with sand where a hamster can clean itself. This is not the same as a bath you might give to other pets. We usually wash dogs with soap and water during baths. This does not work for hamsters. A sandbath for hamsters is comprised of two things – Pet-safe sand and a shallow bowl. All you need to do is pour the sand into the bowl and leave it someplace accessible. Your hamsters will get into the bowl and roll around in it as a way of bathing. They may use the sand to clean themselves or to pee in. Both are entirely ordinary uses for sand baths by hamsters. You may have to clean out the sand once every three days or so. If you can smell the pee or see that the sand is wet, it is time to replace it. Some hamsters may not prefer having the sandbath next to them all day. In such a case, you can remove it immediately after use. While sandbaths are not necessary, they can help your hamster feel cleaner.

Is sand good for hamsters?

Essentially, yes. Sand baths can be an excellent way for hamsters to clean themselves in. They may use them as a toilet, but not always for pooping. Even if your hamster does not poop in the sandbath, it is still a good idea to have it around. While hamsters are pretty good at cleaning themselves, they may get greasy. A sand bath is an excellent way to help them get rid of excess grease or dirt. It is safe for them and an easy way to get them cleaned. Remember to use sand that is safe for pets like hamsters and chinchillas. You should avoid bathing dust as it can cause issues with respiration.

6 Best sand bath for hamster: Reviewed

Niteangel Animal Sand-Bath Box

Niteangel Animal Sand-Bath Box

The Niteangel sand-bath box is not just practical, but it also looks great! The circular shape is unique but spacious. The half lid looks cute and allows enough space for your pet to get in and out quickly. Plus, it also helps keep the sand inside the box. It is made of sturdy materials so that it won’t topple over easily. 

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions (inches) – 11.22 x 10.16 x 5.47
  • Material – Acrylic, and wood


  • Comes in multiple shapes 
  • The acrylic build is better than plastic
  • Multiple color choices
  • Different shapes fit hamsters of different sizes better


  • You can push the lid off easily; it may cause sand to fly around.

Kathson Dwarf Hamster Bathroom

Kathson Dwarf Hamster Bathroom

The Kathson Hamster bathroom closely resembles a cat litter box. It has a flap opening that lets your hamster in and out easily. The box is spacious and has enough room, especially for smaller hamsters. In addition, the completely covered design helps contain any odor coming from the box.

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions (inches) – 9.6×7×7.1
  • Material – Plastic


  • Large space for a hamster to move around in
  • Closed lid design keeps sand and odor inside
  • Flap door for easy access


  • Very lightweight, may get toppled over easily

Emours Hamster Sand Bath Box

This hamster sand bath box comes with not one but two boxes! While you can’t pick the color you receive, it is great to have a backup. The Emours sand bath box is meant for smaller hamsters. It is made with durable plastic. The transparent lid allows you to watch your pet as it rolls around in the sand.  

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions (inches) – 5.9 x 3 x 3
  • Material – Plastic


  • Sturdy build
  • Comes in a set of 2
  • The stain-resistant base is easy to clean 
  • Comes with a sifting scoop for litter


  • You do not get to pick the colors of the box

Alfie Pet – Taron Bathroom House with Scoop Set

Alfie Pet - Taron Bathroom House with Scoop Set

This pet bathroom comes with a scoop. Your hamster may end up using the bath as a toilet. You may think this is not ideal as the sand is meant to be their bath. But, it is not a cause for worry. You can easily clean up with the scoop in the Alfie Bathroom House. Scoop out poop or clumpy sand and leave behind a dry bath.

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions (inches) – 6 x 3.25 x 2.5
  • Material – Plastic


  • Fun, bright colors
  • Made of pet-safe materials
  • Small and handy, perfect for dwarf hamsters
  • Easy to clean, odors do not stick to the box


  • Can comfortably fit smaller hamsters only

PINVNBY Hamster Sand Bath Box

PINVNBY Hamster Sand Bath Box

This is a great sand bath for bigger hamsters. Most boxes will fit only dwarf hamsters easily. But, the PINVNBY sand bath box is much larger. The open design allows more rolling space as well. Made of premium wood, it is perfectly safe for your pet to use. It even has a little ladder for your hamster to climb up to reach the top level.

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions (inches) – 11.6 x 8.1 x 4.9
  • Material – Wood


  • Large size fits bigger hamsters
  • Premium quality wood
  • Allows your pet to play around 
  • Has a small cup on top for treats


  • The wood may hold on to the smell of pee

FATPET Hamster Bathroom

FATPET Hamster Bathroom

FATPET hamster bathroom is another box designed to fit larger hamsters. This adorable box has a wide opening and a detachable lid. This is another sand bath box that comes with a scoop! The transparent cover lets you keep an eye on your hamster.  

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions (cm) – 13.5 x 5.5 x 9.5
  • Material – Plastic (PP)


  • Large size
  • Bright color looks appealing
  • Has a sieve spoon or scoop


  • Though it is meant for large hamsters it is not the largest box 

Buying Guide: How to choose the sand bath for hamsters?

How to choose the sand bath for hamsters?


Every pet has a personality of its own. This means that they have their preferences and choices too. For example, while sand baths are great for hamsters, not all of them will want one. This is because some hamsters do not enjoy a sand bath. Therefore, if you have a picky pet, it is best to try and find out if it will enjoy a sand bath before investing in one.

Hamster Size

If you want to place the sand bath in your pet’s cage, this is something you will want to consider. A cage should be big enough for your hamster to run around freely. This needs to be ensured even after a sand bath is placed there. 

Cage Size

If you want to place the sand bath in your pet’s cage, this is something you will want to consider. A cage should obviously be big enough for your hamster to freely run around. This needs to be ensured even after a sand bath is placed in there.

Sand Type

Another thing to keep in mind for a sand bath is the type of sand you pour into it. Not all sand is safe for pets, especially hamsters. You can use pet-friendly sand to fill the sand bath. Chinchilla sand can be used safely with hamsters. You can even use reptile sand as long as it comes without the added calcium. Sand for children’s play areas also makes a good substitute. This is because this sand is cleaned for the safety of children. Avoid using bathing dust and powders. These are too fine and can cause respiratory issues if inhaled by your pet. Do not use sand from outside as they are unclean and can cause diseases. 

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How do you give a hamster a sand bath?

Giving a hamster a sand bath is very easy. Your job is to pour enough sand into the tub for your hamster to roll around. The rest they do on their own. As long as your hamster can easily access the sand bath, they should be happy to use it.

Can you use beach sand for hamster sand bath?

Never use sand from outside for your hamsters. Sand baths require clean sand that is pet-safe. Like sand from the beach, outside sand can carry infection-causing bacteria in it. This will do more harm than good for your pet. Always buy sand that is either meant for use by animals or children. Sand for children’s play areas may be used for hamster sand baths. This is because such sand is cleaned and dried as a safety measure. 

Why won’t my hamster use its sand bath?

While sandbath may be an easy way to maintain cleanliness, it may not always work. There may be many reasons why your hamster refuses to use its sand bath. The simplest one of it all may be preference-based. Some hamsters do not enjoy a sand bath. In which case, the best of the sand bath would be useless. There is no point forcing a pet to do something they do not enjoy. So, if your hamster does not seem to enjoy a sand bath, let it be. They are good at cleaning themselves, and you need not worry.

Another reason your hamster could be avoiding the sand bath may be cleanliness. If the sand bath has not been cleaned recently, your hamster may steer clear. This may be due to excessive pee or poop in the sand. This also makes the sand very smelly. Since animals have a better sense of smell, your hamster may be smelling this way before you do. Try cleaning out the sand bath to see if your pet starts using it again.

If your pet is showing sudden, unexplainable behavior changes, get in touch with your vet.

How often should I change my hamster sand bath?

Sand baths can be scooped to clean regularly. For example, you can scoop out clumps of wet sand and poop every other day. Once a week, you should replace all the sand in the bath and start afresh. But, these are only an estimate. You may decide upon the schedule for cleaning based on your hamster’s preferences. For example, if your hamster is too picky about smells, you may have to clean it out way more often. Similarly, a smaller hamster’s sand bath may require less cleaning throughout the week. 

How deep should a hamster sand bath be?

Hamster sand baths can have anywhere between 1 and 3 inches of sand. This is because not all hamsters are the same size. Some hamsters are quite small, like the dwarf hamster. On the other hand, Syrian hamsters are much larger. As you can imagine, a smaller hamster would need less sand. But, you can see what suits your hamster the best and fill the bowl. Sand baths should have about an inch of space above the sand. 

Wrapping Up

Hamsters can greatly benefit from sand baths. Not only does it help them stay clean, but they also enjoy rolling around in the sand. In addition, clean fur can be stress-relieving for them. Make sure to use hamster-friendly sand in the sand bath. Please stay away from dust and powders as they are not suitable for hamsters. Consult your vet immediately if your hamster seems greasy and dirty more often. Hamsters are generally self-cleaning. Dirty fur can be a sign of other underlying issues. Remember that each pet is different. Do not try to force your pet into doing anything they don’t like. A sand bath is a super fun idea for pet hamsters as long as they’re having fun!