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Best wet grinder in USA

Choosing the best wet grinder in the USA is not just for Indians or Indian cooking but for anyone who loves making pastes, pulps, dough, and batters.

A wet grinder is a machine that is used to make pastes and batters like dosa, idli, and vada among others.

It is more efficient than a normal mixer because it has the capacity to grind grains and pulses in large amounts.

Moreover, it makes delicious good batter quickly while retaining the actual flavor of the grains and pulses compared to normal mixers.

In this article, we shall review 5 wet grinders for USA and their pros and cons.

Before we get deep into the review, below are the top 3 grinders based on customer reviews and experiences.

Best Wet Grinder in the USA – Comparison Table

BrandProduct ImageFeatures
Elgi Ultra Perfect S 2.0L table wet grinder with Atta kneader 


Lightweight and sturdy construction, powerful motor, easy to clean, easy lock system and comes with warranty.
Premier Compact table top wet grinder 2.0L 


Does not get hot while grinding, has a 1-year warranty, very powerful and bigger motor, produces super soft batter.
Panasonic MK TSW200 Super wet grinder with automatic switchEasy to clean, fully automatic, comes with spatula, removable drum and has 5 year warranty for the motor.
Premier small wonder table top wet grinder 1.5L 



Why you need to get the best wet grinder for USA

This is an important point to note. Some people prefer to bring their own wet grinders from India to use in the US. While this may seem like a cheap alternative, it is not advisable.

This is based on the fact that the power supply in the US is different from the one used in India.

US power supply is 120 V and frequency of 60 Hz while that of India is 230 V with a frequency of 50 Hz. This means that you cannot use your electric appliances from India in the US because the voltage is quite low.

So, once you get to the US, your wet grinder will be of no use unless you change its volt using a voltage converter.

But why go through all that hustle while you can easily purchase another one in the US.

Best wet grinder for Indian cooking in USA Reviews 

1. Elgi Ultra Perfect S 2.0L table wet grinder with Atta kneader

Elgi Perfect S wet grinder is one of the Ultra brand kitchen appliances that is meant for optimal performance.

It comprises a stainless steel drum, Atta kneader attachment, and batter cleaner attachment.

The drum can hold up to 2 liters of soaked idly rice during grinding as well as store the batter for longer periods of time.

This grinder is designed to be used in the US and Canada since it works at 110 voltage and 60 Hz frequency.

Most importantly, it has a motor that is strong enough to handle heavy grinding without overheating or heating up the batter.

The grinding stones have a patented conical shape that generates less heat when grinding leading to higher fermentation rise. This makes Elgi Perfect S the best wet grinder for idli batter since it produces soft and fluffy batter.

Moreover, it comes with a cleaner attachment that helps to remove batter from the conical stones for cleaning.


  • Lightweight but sturdy construction
  • Rust-resistant drum
  • Powerful motor that does not heat the batter
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not vibrate or make noise when grinding
  • Has an easy lock system
  • Comes with a 12 months warranty and 5 years motor warranty at no extra cost


  • It may have a plastic smell when you first turn it on but the smell goes away after about an hour of grinding

2. Premier Compact table top wet grinder 2.0L

This is the best table top wet grinder that is perfect for making a wide range of healthy and nutritious batters.

For the lovers of roti, tortilla, and pasta, this grinder comes with Atta kneading attachment for making the perfect dough.

It also comes with a coconut scrapper that is perfect for making shredded coconut from raw coconut.

The grinder drum is large enough to make about 2 liters of paste and batter. This is about 7 cups of rice and 1.5 liters of lentils.

Moreover, the roller stones are placed on a stone base and work through an innovative gear design.

This allows fast grinding without altering the quality or quantity of your ingredients. Hence, you are assured of fresh meals for your family with the right nutritional value.


  • Does not get hot while grinding
  • Grinds very fast
  • Great for grinding garlic and ginger in large quantities
  • Has a 1-year warranty for the grinder and a 5-year warranty for the motor
  • Very powerful and bigger motor than other wet grinders of the same size
  • Produces super soft batter


  • Not recommended for refining chocolate and nut butter

3. Panasonic MK TSW200 Super wet grinder with automatic switch

This is a 2-liter wet grinder that is guaranteed to provide 15% more efficient grinding than the standard grinders.

It has double granulating stones that ensure fast and smooth grinding.

In addition, the grinder has an automatic timer that enables the grinder to spot once grinding is complete. So all you need to do is put your grains and set the timer.

This grinder is very easy to clean. The drum is designed in a way that it can be separated completely from the driveshaft to ease cleaning. This also allows the drum to be used for storage.

The Panasonic wet grinder is however recommended for use in the US or Canada since it requires 120 volts of power supply.


  • Easy to clean
  • It is fully automatic
  • Comes with a spatula for checking the batter
  • Removable drum for easy cleaning
  • Has 2 year limited warranty for the grinder and 5 years for the motor


  • It does not come with a dough kneader attachment

4. Premier small wonder table top wet grinder 1.5L