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4 EASY Ways to Clean a Heavily Soiled Microfiber Couch in [year]

Microfiber fabric is not stain-resistant as popularly marketed. However, its water-resistant ability makes it ideal for upholstery furniture since it is easy to clean.

Any form of liquid poured on it simply beads on the surface rather than soaking into it. For this reason, you can easily clean microfiber upholstery using simple cleaning products.

In this article, we are going to talk how to how to clean a heavily soiled microfiber couch with a carpet shampooer, vinegar, Windex, and rubbing alcohol.

How To Clean a Heavily Soiled Microfiber Couch

The best way to clean a heavily soiled microfiber couch is to use a carpet shampooer. All you need to do is vacuum your couch to eliminate any food particles and other debris. Then, you must press the shampooer against the heavily soiled parts using minimal pressure. Depending on the severity of the stain, you might need to go over the soiled areas several times. 

4 ways on how to clean a heavily soiled microfiber couch (Deep cleaning)

Microfiber fabric is a tightly woven thin nylon and polyester blend that is said to be dirt and stain-resistant.

However, with time, stains and dust may accumulate on the couch and penetrate into the fabric thereby making cleaning very difficult.

Since microfiber is prone to watermarks, it is important to choose a suitable cleaning method or cleaner as discussed below.

1. Using carpet shampooer (Steam vacuum) on microfiber couch

A carpet shampooer or steam cleaner is ideal for cleaning a microfiber sofa since it’s quite gentle; hence, no risk of damaging the fabric.

It works by spraying water and detergent solution while a soft brush gently scrubs to remove dirt and stains on the couch.

How to clean a heavily soiled microfiber couch with carpet shampooer

Here are the steps to follow when cleaning a couch using the carpet shampooer

Steps to follow using carpet shampooer

  1. First, vacuum the couch to get rid of dust, debris, and any other dirt on the surface. Pay special attention to hidden areas like on the sides and under the cushions where food particles and dirt tend to accumulate.
  2. Now start cleaning by focusing on the heavily soiled parts on the couch. Use minimal pressure since pressing the carpet shampooer strongly against the microfiber couch can easily damage it.
  3. Once the heavily soiled spots are handled, spray the detergent solution on the rest of the couch and gently work on it.
  4. To avoid leaving stain lines, overlap each pass across different sections. Depending on how dirty your couch is, you might be required to repeat the process but avoiding saturation.
  5. Leave it to dry and use a soft brush to straighten any stiff parts. If you want your couch to dry faster, consider using alcohol-based solutions.

So in the next section, we talk about how to clean a microfiber couch using alcohol-based solutions like rubbing alcohol.

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2. Cleaning with alcohol (rubbing alcohol)

It is important to make sure that you are using the right cleaning solution so as not to damage your upholstery.

Thus, to choose a suitable detergent for your microfiber couch you must first check the cleaning guide tag provided by the manufacturer.

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You are likely to see some initials such as W, X, S, or S-W on the tag. W means that you can only use water-based cleaners while X denotes that you should only vacuum the couch.

If the manufacturer’s tag reads S, it means that the fabric should be cleaned using solvent cleaners like rubbing alcohol.

Cleaning instructions to follow when using rubbing alcohol

  1. Just like with any other cleaner, start by thoroughly vacuuming the couch
  2. Pour the rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and lightly spray it on the couch section by section.
  3. While the sprayed section is still damp, use a sponge or a soft bristle brush to gently scrub.
  4. Rinse the sponge and remove as much dirt and moisture on the section before you continue.
  5. After you are done cleaning, leave the couch to air dry and use a vacuum to straighten any matted fibers.

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3. Using Windex to clean a heavily soiled microfiber couch

Windex window cleaner can be used on so many surfaces and not just windows. It is an excellent stain, grease, and build-up remover and also helps to restore shine to glasses and jewelry.

How to clean a heavily soiled microfiber couch with Windex

Being an excellent stain remover makes Windex ideal for cleaning microfiber upholstery.

However, since Windex is colored, you should probably avoid using it on a light-colored couch to prevent discoloration.

These are the steps to follow:

  1. Get your bottle of Windex from the local store
  2. Dust or vacuum the couch to remove dirt and debris
  3. Spray Windex on the couch but do not soak it
  4. Take a soft brush and gently scrub the couch. Note the stained areas and use more Windex if necessary as you scrub.
  5. Once done cleaning, leave the couch to dry. The good thing about Windex is that it is fast-drying so there will be no watermarks once the couch dries.

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4. How to clean microfiber couch with vinegar

If you prefer home cleaners, then this section is for you.

Vinegar is a common household product that can be used not only on food but also for cleaning.

It is readily available in stores but when it comes to cleaning, you should mix 5 spoons of vinegar with white vinegar so as to reduce its abrasiveness.

Like all cleaning products, it is advisable to do a test on a small part of the fabric to check whether or not the product will affect it.

Once that is confirmed, proceed to clean the sofa.

Steps to clean the couch with vinegar instructions

  1. Start by vacuuming the couch to remove dust and food particles.
  2. Pour the diluted vinegar into a spray bottle and start working on the couch section by section using a soft cloth.
  3. If a section has tough stains, use a soft bristle brush but be careful not to apply a lot of friction and pressure.
  4. Note that you might need to repeat the cleaning process depending on how much your couch is soiled.
  5. Once done, leave the couch to dry.

The good thing about cleaning with vinegar is that it also helps to get rid of odor such as pet urine or poop.

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This article has explained the different ways on how to clean a heavily soiled microfiber couch.

You can use a carpet shampooer, Windex, rubbing alcohol, and vinegar.

Most importantly, it is important to follow the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s tag usually indicates the recommended cleaning agents to ensure the couch is handled with care especially during cleaning.

Another point to note is that since microfiber is prone to watermarks, do not soak the coach when cleaning. This will ensure it dries fast without leaving any marks from the detergent or water.

Instead of a microfiber couch, if you have a leather couch and it is peeling and cracking, you can also fix it easily.