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How To Remove Shower Drain Without Screws in [year]? [4 EASY Steps]

A clogged shower drain can be an annoying problem. The water will keep accumulating in your shower until you clean it properly. In such cases, cleaning the drain will require you to learn to remove the shower drain. If you have a shower drain without screws, keep reading to know how to do it!

What Clogs a Shower Drain?

Due to fats, oil, and grease, smaller shower drains can often get clogged. Long or medium-length hair is usually the main culprit in clogged shower drains. However, soap-suds mixing with dirt or other substances in your shower can also be responsible for a clogged shower drain. 

Identifying the Drain Cover Type

You will need to identify the kind of shower drain you have for removing and cleaning it. Below are some of the shower drains without screws available in the market and the steps for removing them.

1. Screw It

Screw it is the most common shower drain, and it is the easiest one to remove. You will only need a flathead screwdriver for this. First, you need to hold the cover and loosen the screws. After that, just lift the drain cover off completely.

2. Flip It

You will only need a flathead screwdriver for removing a screw it type of drain:

  • Flip open the drain toggle.
  • Pull-on the drain slightly to open the groove.
  • Unscrew the drain and flip it open by applying pressure on the top.

3. Toe Touch

You can remove a toe touch drain cover very easily. All you will need for this is a flathead screwdriver:

  • Press the top of the drain, so it pops open.
  • You can simply remove the drain cover by twisting it out. If you find a screw underneath the top, just use the flathead screwdriver and unscrew the base.
  • Lift the drain cover off completely.

4. Pop Up

The steps to remove a pop-up drain cover are similar to removing a toe touch drain cover. You will need a flathead screwdriver for this too:

  • Press the top so the cover drain is open.
  • If you find a screw underneath, simply unscrew it with a flathead screwdriver.
  • Lift the cover altogether to remove it.

5. Lift and Turn

You will need pliers and a small flathead screwdriver to remove a lift and turn the shower drain. As a first step, turn the base of the drain cover counter-clockwise. Ensure that you are not turning the knob at the top. If you turn the knob, only the top will come out, and the drain cover will remain in place. If you find a small screw under the cover, gently unscrew it with your flathead screwdriver. Lastly, you need to lift the drain cover and remove it entirely.

6. Push/Pull

You will need a wrench and a screwdriver for removing a push/pull type of drain cover:

  • Pull the drain stopper top into an open position.
  • Unscrew the knob of the stopper. If you cannot do this with just pliers, you can use a towel to hold it in place.
  • You need to unscrew the opening with a flathead screwdriver.
  • You can remove the drain by simply lifting the cover.

Necessary Tools Required 

  • Screwdriver
  • Resealable bag or small tray
  • Trash can
  • Wash cloth

How to Remove Shower Drain Without Screws – Stepwise Guide

You can also have a shower drain attached to the hole without any screws. This means that you have one with flangs instead. These types of shower drains are held in place with the help of some adhesive. However, you don’t need to panic. You can follow the steps below to remove your shower drain cover without screws:

Before you start you should have the resealable bag or the small tray by your side. You will need this to keep the screws and the cover once you start removing it. This will prevent the tools from rolling off all over the place. The wash cloth will help you cover the open drain gate while you remove or replace the screws. You will need a trash can to put any clogged materials that you may find once you remove the shower drain.

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Step by Step Guide

  1. Fold the washcloth in a way that can cover the drain cover gate while leaving the sides open. This will give you easy access to the screws.
  2. Next, get your screwdriver. You can use a phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screws around the washcloth on the grate. Use your resealable bag or small tray and place the screws on that. This will ensure that your screws do not roll off around the bathroom or fall into the open drain.
  3. Remove the washcloth and keep it on the side.
  4. Take the tip of the screwdriver and place it on the sides of the grate. Lift up the drain gate and place it on the resealable bag or the small tray.

You will have to be careful of this process if you have tiles in your bathroom. The tiles can get scratched easily with the screws or the tools that you use to remove the drain cover. You can cover your tiles with newspaper or a bedsheet to keep it scratch-free while following the above steps.

Now that you have removed the drain cover, ensure that you clean it before you screw in the replacement or the one you already have.

You should not skip cleaning your shower drain even if you feel like your shower drain is not clogged. After you remove your drain cover, it is a good idea to give it a clean.

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Here are a few simple tips to clean your clogged shower drain.

  1. You can put on some latex gloves or rubber gloves and reach down your drain. Pull out any scum or hair as much as you can grab with your hand. 
  2. You can get any drain snake and run it down the shower drain. This will help with removing the clogs that you might not be able to reach with your hands.
  3. Use a store-bought chemical cleaner to clean your drain. You will need to follow the instructions on each product as they can vary for each manufacturer.
  4. Try vinegar and baking soda solution to clean your shower drain. This homemade remedy is a cheap and easy fix for cleaning your shower drain. Mix half cup water, 1/3rd cup vinegar, and a teaspoon of baking soda. Pour this mixture down your drain and let it sit for a while. Pour hot water down your drain to clean this completely.

A clean drain ensures that you do not have to stand in a puddle of dirty water every time you take a shower! Follow the easy steps to remove your drain cover and clean the shower drain without any fuss to avoid the mess.

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Wrapping Up

A clogged drain can be an annoying nuisance in the shower. Identifying the type of shower drain you have is always the first step in the process of removing it. After that, you can follow the steps given above to make the clearing and cleaning process easy for you!