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Bombs Storage Ideas: How to Correctly Store Bath Bombs?

A warm relaxing bath and bath bombs often go hand in hand. And the fresher the bath bomb, the fizzier it will be upon using. But, incorrectly stored bath bombs can lose all their fizz, and a bath bomb is just not the same without the fizz. So, read on to find out how you can ensure that your bath bombs stay fresher, longer.

Bath Bombs

How to store bath bombs (ways)

Storing bath bombs the right way can help them last longer and retain their fizz. It is also essential to sort bath bombs out into batches of similar scents. If multiple scents are grouped, they could cancel each other out, leaving you with an unscented bath bomb!

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You can store your bath bombs safely using simple household items or even invest in inexpensive appliances. Here are some easy ways to keep bath bombs – 

1. Cling Wrap

One of the easiest ways of storing bath bombs safely is to wrap them in clingfilm plastic wraps. Make sure you cover the entire bath bomb securely. However, be careful not to exert too much pressure while wrapping it, as this might cause your bath bomb to break.

2. Sandwich Bags

Sandwich bags like the ones from ziploc are another easy method to store bath bombs individually. You can put one bath bomb into each bag and seal it while removing as much air as possible from the bag 

3. Glass Jars 

Sandwich bags like the Ziploc are another easy method to store bath bombs individually. You can put one bath bomb into each bag and seal it while removing as much air as possible from the bag.

Bath bomb storage ideas and tips

Investing in a dehumidifier can help keep the bath bombs dry but unnecessary. You can easily find glass jars or containers at the dollar store instead of buying costly ones. Remember that incorrectly storing bath bombs can also cause deterioration of your bathroom fixtures. As it comes in touch with water and starts melting around your bathroom, it can stain your faucets and pipes. But, you can thankfully restore them to their original look with ease. 

How long can you store bath bombs?

When sealed tightly, and unexposed to air, bath bombs can stay fresh up to 6 months or even a year.


Can you reuse bath bombs?

Ideally, bath bombs are meant to be used only once. But, with larger bath bombs, you may be able to reuse them at least once. Once you add the bath bomb to the water, remove it once it has fizzled out a little bit. You can then reuse it a second time. 

How long can bath bombs be stored?

When correctly stored, bath bombs can last as long as six months to a year. But, if you want to keep them in an open area for aesthetic purposes, it is best to use them within a couple of weeks. Correct methods of storing bath bombs would mean fully sealed packaging. This would include individually wrapping them in cling wrap or sandwich bags and storing them in an airtight container.

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How do you store bath bombs in humid weather?

If you often use bath bombs in humid weather, investing in a dehumidifier is smart. Storing bath bombs near dehumidifiers is best to save them from fizzing out. You can also use shrink wrap to seal each bath bomb individually. Make sure you put them in an airtight jar or box after individually wrapping them.

Can you save a bath bomb?

Bath bombs are meant only to be used once, but it is possible to save them later. Sometimes you may find that half a bath bomb is enough for an enjoyable experience. In such a case, you could tightly wrap the bath bomb in a sandwich bag and cut through it using a sharp knife. This method works best with round bath bombs as they have a line running through the center that makes splitting it easier. Other shapes might fall apart on being cut but it could work with a very sharp knife. Unfortunately, a bath bomb that has lost its fizz can not be saved. But, it can still be used as a car freshener, deodorizer for shoes and clothes, air freshener in rooms, etc. So, leave it somewhere not prominent and let it work its magic.

Why do bath bombs need to be stored in a cool dry place?

Bath bombs are made with essential oils and, in some cases, moisture-adding components. Such ingredients include oils and butter like coconut oil, shea butter, and cacao butter. These ingredients add properties like scent and moisture to the bath bomb. When stored in a cool and dry place, the contents of your bath bombs remain untouched. Humidity and exposure to air can cause the essential oils to evaporate. The butter from the bath bomb melts on exposure making the bath bomb lose its structure. Evaporation can also cause your bath bomb to release all fizz early on. Storing bath bombs outside in the bathroom can cause to mix with the shower or bath water, leaving a soapy mess. This could lead to mishaps and prove dangerous.

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Wrapping Up

Bath bombs are a lovely way to relax and unwind, especially at the end of long days. It is essential to store them correctly to retain their freshness whenever you use them. Most bath bombs are meant to be used within a few weeks of purchasing. This is because the fresher the bath bomb, the better the fizziness. Tightly sealing the bath bombs in individual wraps or plastic bags does the trick. You can also buy airtight jars or a dehumidifier to ensure the bath bomb remains moisture-free. You can ensure that your bath bombs remain fresh and fizzy following some simple steps. You are simply waiting for a luxurious bathing experience whenever you desire!