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Best bathroom rugs for seniors in [year]


When you live in a household with elders, there is always a safety concern regarding baths. To ensure a safe bathing experience, especially for the elderly, several high-quality, non-slip bathroom rugs are available on the market. These rugs not only provide a firm grip and an anti-slip surface, but they also look aesthetically pleasing.

This way, you do not have to compromise on the beauty of your bathroom while keeping in mind the safety of the seniors. Let us look at some of the top-rated, best bathroom rugs for seniors reviewed in 2022.

6 best bathroom rugs for seniors: Reviewed

1. Buganda Memory Foam Soft Bath Mat

Memory Foam Soft Bath Mats - Non Slip Absorbent Bathroom Rugs Rubber Back Runner Mat

The Buganda Memory Foam Mat is a non-slip, absorbent, rubber-backed mat for bathroom floors. It is filled with memory foam and microfibre coral soft material. This makes it soft and comfortable and helps reduce your feet’s pressure. It is also anti-slip and waterproof. It has a non-slip mesh backing which prevents it from sliding. In addition, these bath rugs are water absorbent. This means that they dry fast and stay cleaner compared to other bathroom mats.

They are also easy to clean. The washing instructions say that they can be washed using a mild detergent in the machine.


  • Available sizes: 17 x 24, 17 x 47, 24 x 35.4, 24 x 47, 24 x 60 and 24 x 70 inches.
  • Colors: Grey, Dark grey, coffee, gold, green, navy blue, purple, teal, white, wine red
  • Rug form type: Bath mat
  • Material: Rubber
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Anti-slip and waterproof
  • Fast water-absorbent
  • Multipurpose use
  • Easy cleaning

– – –

2. Gorilla Grip Original Patented Shower Mat

Gorilla Grip Patented Bath Tub and Shower Mat, 35x16

The Gorilla Grip Original Patented Shower Mat is one of the best bath mats because of its gorilla grip. It is made of rubber and has a textured surface. It has multiple suction cups (324 suction cups) and does not move from its place once settled. Design-wise, it is sleek, soft, and gentle. It is more significant than most bath mats in size. The company boasts of more than fifteen color options. The best part about it is that it is machine washable and dries quickly.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Size: 35 x 16 inches
  • Color: clear
  • Ultra-powerful grip
  • Patented design for maximum comfort
  • Hundreds of drainage holes
  • Oversized mat
  • Machine washable

– – –

3. Gorilla Grip Original Chenille Bathroom Rug

Gorilla Grip Soft Absorbent Plush Bath Rug Mat, 30x20

Like the previous Gorilla Grip model, this shower mat also has multiple colors and a firm grip. What differentiates it from its companion is that it is smaller in size and plusher. It is made of microfibre fabric and has a rubber backing. This rubber backing is stitched using Chenille yarn. The yarns are soft and plush and will even help keep your feet warm. It is functional and eye-pleasing, with a lot of solid colors and striped patterns. You can coordinate this mat with your toilet lid covers or other rugs. A good thing about these mats is that they have various size options to suit all your needs. They are machine washable, and in spite of the yarn, the mat dries very quickly.


  • Available sizes: 24 x 17, 30 x 20, 36 x 24, 44 x 26, 48 x 24, 54 x 24, 60 x 17, 60 x 24, 70 x 24 inches
  • Colors: Beige, black, blue, brown, burgundy, burnt peach, Caribbean, charcoal, cloud, coral, cornflower blue, cornhusk, emerald, eggplant, dusty rose, etc.
  • Material: Chenille
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Ultra absorbent
  • Microfiber 
  • Durable rubber backing
  • Thick and plush surface

– – –

4. Epica Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat

Epica Non Slip Bathtub Mat, Real Rubber Bath Mat for Tub

The Epica Bath Mat features hundreds of suction cups designed for maximum comfort. These mats are anti-slip rubber mats. Epica boasts of developing them in a way that they repel soap, odors, and stains. They have a lot of stylish neutral color options that look pleasing. It is also larger in size and very functional. It is made of antibacterial material, and you can wash it in the machine. One drawback of this mat is that it does not look as attractive as others on this list.


  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: 16 x 28 inches
  • Item Weight: 1 Pound
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • 4x high-strength suction cups
  • Anti-slip rubber
  • Repels slippery soap
  • Resists odors and stains

– – –

5. VANZAVANZU Ultra Soft Bathtub Mat

VANZAVANZU Bathroom Rugs Bath Mats for Bathroom Non Slip Ultra Soft Absorbant Bath Mats Microfiber Fluffy Thick Bathroom Rugs

Even though these VANZAVANZU bath mats are a little pricier than the others, they are available in different colors to cheer up your bathroom. You also have many size options to choose from. This rug has a fiber locking material. It has a lot of grips and can be washed in a machine. It is super fluffy and thicker than most options on the list. The most impressive part is that VANZAVANZU gives its customers a 12-month warranty on their rugs.

The only drawback that we could think of is that the rug might need to be washed more often because of its light color options.


  • Rug form type: Bath mat
  • Size: 32 x 20 inches
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Colors: Baby lavender, black, beige, burgundy, blue, plum, gray, etc.
  • Ultra-soft and absorbent
  • Non-slip backing
  • Machine washable
  • 12-month warranty

– – –

6. The Vive Shower Bath Mat

Vive Shower Mat - Square Non Slip Large Bath Mat for Bathtub - Patented Design

This Vive Shower Bath Mat is the only feature of the bath mats on this list with a drainage hole. The extensive drainage hole right in the center of the mat prevents water or bacteria from collecting on the mat. It also has a unique square shape, as far as bath mats are concerned. The material it uses is anti-slip rubber. It has an array of suction cups to hold the mat and provides complete protection from slipping. The company also boasts of having a latex-free grip. Its neutral look makes it suitable for any decor. However, this can also count as its con. This list features other bath mats that are more aesthetically pleasing, but if you want something simple that gets the job done, then this is where your search ends.


  • Material: Rubber
  • Color: White
  • Size: 22 x 22 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Shape: Square
  • 116 individual suction cups
  • Convenient center drain
  • Patented textured surface
  • Latex-free
  • 60-day guarantee

– – –

How to Choose a Non-Slip Bathroom Mat?

When picking a bathroom mat for elders or seniors, these are some of the things you need to keep in mind.

1. Anti-slip Function

The most important thing when buying a bath mat for seniors is to ensure that they do not slip. Often with seniors, a significant concern when they bathe is a chance of slipping and falling. To prevent this, you need to pick a bath mat with a series of suction pads. These suction pads stick the mat to the floor and provide an extra layer of protection. You may also pick a mat with additional rubber grips and even a hole to drain excess water if your budget allows you.

2. Comfortable Feel

Along with being anti-slip, the bath mat needs to be comfortable to touch. Harsh materials such as rubber mats are often uncomfortable after a certain point. Even though this is not mandatory, you should go in for a softer material to ensure a superior experience. 

3. Accessible Cleaning and Drying

Since this mat is going to be used in the bathroom, over time it will collect mold, dust, and bacteria. Therefore, you should go for an easy-to-clean or machine washable mat. Before you buy a mat, ensure that you read its washing instructions. There is no point getting a bath mat that you have to go to pains for when cleaning. Apart from cleaning, it is also essential that the mat dries quickly. If it takes a long time to dry, mold will collect on it.

What can I use instead of a bath mat?

Some alternatives that you can use instead of a bath mat are as follows:

1. Wood

A layer of protected wood is good because it is non-slip and bacteria-free. Wood will also reduce the moisture content otherwise present in the bath mat. This lack of moisture will also reduce mildew from collecting.

2. Bamboo

Bamboo mats are commonly used in places because they are naturally water repellent. Even if your bathroom gets very damp, the bamboo will function as an anti-slip. It will not hold any moisture.

3. Cork

Cork flooring or bath mats also do not hold water. One advantage to using cork is that it dries very quickly. They are cheaper and less likely to be a hotbed of bacteria. You can also make your DIY cork mat.

4. Stone

Stone bath mats are made of smooth pebbles. These pebbles ensure that there is some texture to them. This gives it an anti-slip quality. Stone is also quite bumpy and does not retain moisture.

5. Towel

If you are in a pinch and urgently need a bath mat alternative, a simple towel will do the job. However, remember that towels get wet quickly and are only a temporary solution.

Where should bath mats be placed?

You should always place Bath mats or rugs in front of bathtubs or the shower. You should also place smaller-sized bath rugs in front of sinks. If your bathroom is small, then just use the bath mat in front of the shower, where you can easily step onto it as soon as you get out of the shower. 

How To Clean Bathroom Rugs With Rubber Backing?

One way to clean a rubber bath mat is by hand. You can use products such as bleach mixed with water. If you are using this method, we recommend washing the rugs in cold water. You will also need to get foul smells out of your mat. Using oxygenated bleach, laundry detergent, and borax will do the trick. Remember not to use hot water to clean rubber matsas it will loosen its fibers, and the mat might start falling apart.

One alternative is to put the rubber bath mat in the washing machine. If you are washing it in a machine, do not put it by itself. Always accompany a rubber backing bath mat with a cloth mat or towels. Also, adjust the setting to cold water, and only put these mats in for 20 minutes. You can then dry them outside instead of using the dryer. This is to prevent them from getting wrinkly.

You may also choose to wash your rubber-backed mats with the help of baking soda. Add three tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of vinegar, and combine them with water in a spray bottle. You can use this bottle to spray the liquid on the rug while using a rag to scrub the stains on the mat. Again, use circular motions to clean the mat effectively.

How often should bath mats be washed?

Even if your bath mat is anti-bacterial, it will collect mildew, dust, and moisture. Depending on the amount of time and people who use your bathroom, you need to shake the mat or the rug every time you clean your house; we recommend washing your mats twice a week or at least once a week. When washing them, remember to look out for other substances like hair.

Bathroom Safety Tips For The Elderly

Some tips that elders can keep in mind when it comes to bathroom safety are as follows.

1. Adding skid-proof surfaces to your bathroom

There are many skid-proof decals available that cover the entire bath surface. These decals are anti-slip. If they do not cover every part, you can add a bathroom mat with a rubber backing on the floor.

2. Installing bright lights

Most bathroom accidents occur during the night. To ensure that bathroom trips in the middle of the night are safe for the elderly, you can add bright lights in the bathroom. As an additional precaution, you may also add night lights along the way leading into the bathroom.

3. Grab Bars

Grab bars are great for the elderly as it helps to give them a sense of balance. It also proves helpful if they slip as they can grab onto it to decrease the impact of their fall. However, you must ensure that they are within reach and placed near places like the toilet, the shower, or the tub. Something to keep in mind is not to use grab bars that use suction cups. Over time, these suction cups could get loose and slip off.

4. Easy to reach shelves

Most of the time, if the shelves are not within reach, you may be prompted to lean forward or stand on your toes to reach the items. Having the shelves within people’s reach will significantly reduce the risk of a fall.

5. Using a shower chair

Shower or bath chairs are essentially expert-made chairs that can help seniors balance when they are in the bath. The bathing area can be pretty slippery, and it can get tiring to stand throughout. Bath chairs make the process easy. Some bath chairs extend on one side to help the seniors step inside and outside of the tub or shower.

6. Elevated Toilet seat

Over the years, elders may not be able to adjust themselves to sit on a regular toilet seat. In this case, you can invest in a raised toilet seat. There are many versions to choose from in the market.

7. Keep as few things as possible.

A bathroom is a place where you tidy up. So, naturally, it makes sense to keep your bathroom as tidy and clutter-free as possible. If your bathroom is cramped, it may impact the balance of the seniors and lead to severe injuries. Ensure that the bathroom floor is free of any clothing or other objects that may cause a fall.

Wrapping Up

All the recommended bath mats above are the best for use on all bathroom surfaces. They will protect against slipping and falling and improve safety standards. Apart from the bath mats, it would help if you also considered implementing other bathroom safety needs. Having a good quality anti-slip mat in your bathroom will ease you and your elders.