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8 Best Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head in [year]

One of the most incomparable feelings is the steady feel of raindrops on skin. If you often wish to experience this daily, we have the best news for you! Ceiling-mounted Rain Shower Heads. These are life-changing words for someone like me who is obsessed with the calm that comes with rain.

The best ceiling-mounted rain shower heads can mimic raindrops. The sleek look of these shower heads adds a modern touch to your bathroom. In addition, the wide showerhead covers more area and is mounted parallel to your ceiling. This gives the impression of showering in the rain every day! 

Installing a rain shower head means enjoying truly relaxing showers. Rain showerheads are built for slightly lower water pressure than regular showerheads. This is important to give you that fresh feeling of rainwater hitting your skin!

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My passion for finding the best ceiling-mounted rain shower head has led me to write this review. After detailed research, I can confidently pick the best rain shower head. The SR SUN RISE SRSH-C1003 Ceiling Mount Rainfall Showerhead is the best pick. The 10-inch wide showerhead covers a large area and has five different color choices. Made with premium-quality materials, it has a warranty of 10 years. And the best of all? Affordability! At a little under $160, this rainfall showerhead is a splendid choice.

Are you looking for something more specific or different? Read on for more rain shower head options and find your best option.

Here are the best ceiling mounted rain shower heads (our picks)

1. SR SUN RISE SRSH-C1003 Ceiling Mount Rainfall Showerhead

SR SUN RISE SRSH-C1003 Ceiling Mount Rainfall Showerhead

This 10-inch chrome finish showerhead is my top pick for rainfall showers. The SR SUN RISE SRSH-C1003 has a 10-layer, polished chrome head. This showerhead will leave your bathroom looking slick as ever.

Along with its great look comes its superior technology. This showerhead uses Air Energy technology to improve water pressure using air pressure. This ensures revitalizing showers even under low water pressure conditions. 

If you aren’t already sold, this rain shower head is also made of premium materials. This means you won’t have to worry about constant cleaning, corrosion, or buildup. It also includes a handheld showerhead for increased flexibility of use. Falling right around the $150-160 mark, this showerhead has a lot to offer. 


  • Extended coverage with a 10-Inch shower head
  • Includes handheld showerhead for versatile shower options
  • Air Energy technology improves water pressure
  • Resistant to corrosion with a stylish chrome finish look


  • Can not use both shower heads at once

2. Voolan 12 Inches Large Rain Shower Head

Voolan 12 Inches Large Rain Shower Head

The Voolan Rain Shower Head is one of the most affordable ones on this list. This 12-inch large shower head made of stainless steel has a gorgeous mirror finish. But, it also comes with a brushed nickel or matte black finish. So no matter what your aesthetic, you can pick the one to best suit your style.

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The swivel ball in the neck of this shower also allows you to rotate it to a certain degree. This lets you change the angle of the showerhead if required. This super-thin, modern-looking showerhead retails for just $28.99.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Extra rotation with ‘swivel-ball’ neck design
  • 12-inches in width covers a large area in the bathroom
  • Modern, ultra-thin, chrome polished look


  • Water pressure remains low due to the wider showerhead

3. Rozin Bathroom Ceiling Mounted LED Color 16 Inch Rainfall Showerhead

Rozin Bathroom Ceiling Mounted LED Color 16 Inch Rainfall Showerhead

The Rozin LED color rainfall showerhead falls on the bigger side of the spectrum. At 16 inches, this showerhead is pretty huge. The color-changing LED system in this showerhead adds a lot to its appeal. The lights use the water flow for power and do not need any extra power supply. The lights change according to the water temperature, which is pretty neat.

This showerhead also features a rotating neck. This allows for a certain degree of change in its angle. In addition, the mixer that comes with this showerhead lets you find the perfect mix of hot and cold water. This 16-inch showerhead will cost you $119.99.


  • Huge coverage area with 16-inch showerhead
  • Changing LED lights powered by water flow
  • 10-inch long mounting arm


  • Claims of factory defects by some customers

4. SunCleanse Ceiling Mounted Shower System

SunCleanse Ceiling Mounted Shower System

The SunCleanse shower system is also a combination showerhead. This means, along with the ceiling-mounted rain shower, you get a handheld showerhead. The handheld shower has a 180cm long hose that provides incredible flexibility. 

The most remarkable aspect of this showerhead is its ceramic valve core. This core maintains a balance between hot and cold water. Such technology ensures you’re never scalded by hot water or left in the cold while showering. 

The showerheads are both aesthetically pleasing and sport a square design. They are built with durable and rust-free materials like stainless steel and brass. The materials used give this shower combo a very sleek look. The matte finish of the brushed nickel retains a modern charm while looking unique. 

At $244.49, this is the most expensive option on this list. However, this shower system comes with a 5-year warranty as well. While the price might be out of range for some, the features are well worth it. This showerhead makes excellent use of technology. It is built to provide the utmost comfort during showers.


  • Combo shower system with handheld and ceiling mounted shower heads
  • Aesthetically pleasing and unique modern look
  • 5-year warranty on the product
  • Ceramic valve core provides protection from extreme water temperatures


  • Valves might leak in some pieces
  • It is one of the expensive shower systems that might not fit all budgets

5. Voolan Rainfall High Flow Showerhead

Voolan Rainfall High Flow Showerhead

If you’re looking to buy a rainfall showerhead on a budget, this is your best bet. The Voolan rainfall high flow showerhead has great features at an unbelievable price. This ultra-thin shower head measures 12 inches wide. This is an ideal size for rainfall showers. 

It uses an “air-in” technology to maintain adequate water pressure. It sports a gorgeous chrome finish, stainless-steel look. This showerhead is a great fit for any modern bathroom. This easy-to-install showerhead sells at just under $30. This showerhead is an excellent choice, especially considering incredible features like maneuverability and high aesthetic value.


  • Ideal sizing of 12 inches
  • Incredible pricing point 
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Modern look, aesthetically pleasing


  • Omit water pressure is lower than other options
  • No handheld showerhead to counter low water pressure issue

6. Gotonovo 12 Inch Ceiling Mount Rain Shower System

Gotonovo 12 Inch Ceiling Mount Rain Shower System

The Gotonovo Ceiling Mount Rain Shower System is a combo shower. A handheld showerhead accompanies this beautiful piece of a rain shower. This allows you the flexibility of many shower options to choose from.

Matte black is a classic style, and one can never go wrong with it. But, you also get the extra options of brushed nickel and polished chrome. This showerhead is made of high-quality, durable materials. Equipped with easy-clean nozzles, the upkeep of this showerhead is pretty easy. 

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One can experience showering under different water pressure levels with this shower combo. The rainfall showerhead aims for a relaxing and soothing low-pressure shower. But, the handheld showerhead is made to optimize water pressure for a vigorous experience. In addition, the swivel neck of the rainfall showerhead lets you determine the angle of the downpour as well. You can buy this combo showerhead set for $171.43.


  • 3 different color finishes
  • Combo showerhead with ceiling mounted and handheld options
  • Consistently maintained water flow


  • Can’t use both shower heads simultaneously
  • Falls on the higher end of the price range

7. NeierThodore LED 16 Inch Square Shower Head

NeierThodore LED 16 Inch Square Shower Head

Another LED showerhead, the NeierThodore showerhead, is powered by water flow. Like the Rozin showerhead, this changes colors based on the water’s temperature. Red corresponds to hot water, green to warm, and blue indicates cold water. With this, you can be sure of never stepping in water that’s not the perfect temperature.

The swivel neck allows for a degree of movement to the showerhead. Further, the matte black finish looks great in most bathrooms, as always. Finally, the silicone nozzles of the showerhead make for easy cleaning. 

The best part of this showerhead is that you can choose from different sizes ranging from 10-16 inches. A 16-inch showerhead may not be the best choice for smaller bathrooms. This makes the various sizing options a lovely benefit. Prices for this showerhead start at $70.79.


  • Made of premium quality materials that are fairly easy to maintain
  • Three different sizes to choose from and find your best fit
  • Lights that or show water temperature


  • Possibility of leakage from the rotation ball at the neck
  • The larger sizes of the showerhead might need extra reinforcement or plumbing work

8. AWARA 16 Inch Square Ultra Thin Rain Shower Head

AWARA 16 Inch Square Ultra Thin Rain Shower Head

The AWARA 16 inch square showerhead overcomes the one issue faced by the broader showerheads. Despite its wide design, it is designed to provide a higher water pressure during showers. In addition, this showerhead is equipped with over 300 self-cleaning silicone nozzles. These nozzles prevent clogging and limescale build-up and aid in cleaning.

The ultra-thin showerhead boasts a matte black finish. Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, it’s bound to keep problems at bay. In addition, this is one of the few rain showers to provide more than one spray setting. The three settings it comes with are – Rain, Full Rain, and Pulsating Massage.

The AWARA showerhead comes with a 5-year warranty. In case of any issues within the warranty period, the company will replace it free of cost. At $69.99, this showerhead is an excellent choice for an at-home spa-like experience.


  • Super wide 16-inch showerhead
  • Self-cleaning silicone nozzles
  • 3 different shower spray settings
  • 5-year warranty


  • This showerhead is heavier than some and might need extra work during installation

What to Look for in a Rain Shower Head?

It is possible that you feel unsure about the right choice, even with a list of reviews. So here is a short guide to help you decide what you’re looking for in a rainfall shower.


As you may have gathered from the above reviews, rainfall showers come at different prices. The range can be anywhere from $25 to $250 or more. It’s essential to set a budget for your buy before looking further. With so many different designs and features, one could get easily carried away. Setting a budget early on helps you narrow down your options in the right direction, reducing confusion.


Even in an enclosed shower space, a showerhead that is too small or too big ruins all the fun. Make sure you’re looking at an ideal width that fits correctly in your bathroom. A rain showerhead too big for the space will spray water all over the place. Think 10 inches for a smaller shower, 12 for a medium-sized one, and so on. You may also want to consider the length of the shower neck with reference to the height of your bathroom.

Water Pressure

Some showerheads are built to improve water pressure in bathrooms. If you face low-pressure issues and want improvement, consider investing in such showerheads. But, if your bathroom has adequate or high pressure, you may want to skip this feature. A rainfall showerhead is meant to provide a smooth and soothing shower experience. Water pelting down at very high pressure will not give the same effect. Thus, it is crucial to consider this aspect. 


Every home and every bathroom has its unique style. So what is it that you are looking for? A matte black minimalistic look? An old-timey, vintage brushed nickel variant? Or is it a sleek, stainless steel, polished chrome look that appeals to you? No matter your taste, there are plenty of styles and color options to choose from. The LED lights in some of the fixtures further add to the aesthetic value of the showerheads. So no matter your taste, you’re sure to find a look that fits your style the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a rain shower head?

Most showerheads these days come with self-cleaning nozzles. These silicone nozzles reduce cleaning time by a lot by preventing clogs and build-ups. Additionally, they are also built to be rust or corrosion-free. A monthly cleaning schedule to wipe down the showerhead should be more than enough to keep it clean. You can use soap or vinegar mixed with water to clean your showerhead.

How high should a rain shower head be?

A rain shower head should ideally be a foot or more away from the top of your head. The height of the tallest member of your household should determine the placement of the showerhead. Some showerheads have longer necks than others. If your bathroom has a low ceiling, avoid opting for such showerheads.

It is okay for the showerhead to be higher up rather than closer to your head. The distance from your body will help mimic rainfall more accurately.

What is involved in installing a ceiling mount shower?

A ceiling-mounted rain showerhead is more complicated to install than other showerheads. Yet, some of them do come with easy installation kits and guides. Some might need more work than others based on the size and weight of showerheads. The heavier versions need more reinforcement. For such plumbing jobs, it is best to call in a professional to help with the fitting. 

Most showerheads will have a shower neck fitted into your ceiling, connected to the pipes. Plumber tape is used to seal joints and prevent leaks. , you may need to use metal wires or ropes to hold heavier showerheads in place. This is a simplified instruction; consult a professional for more details.

Wrapping Up

Rainfall shower systems are a great way to enjoy a relaxing shower and unwind. You can surely find a perfect fit for your needs with tons of options available. Make sure you set a budget and pick the right-sized showerhead for your bathroom. Understand if you need enhanced water pressure, and choose one with features that match your needs. Omit, ceiling-mounted rain showerheads can be a great addition to your bathroom.