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7 Best Dual Shower Head in [year]

Are dual showerheads worth the hype? One could argue that they are. They come with added flexibility in the bathroom. Wall or ceiling-mounted showerheads are fixed to one point. Handheld showerheads provide extra mobility in that area. The long metal hose on handheld showerheads helps reach all parts of your body easily. They can also be helpful for a quick clean-up of the shower space. The best dual shower head will always enhance your shower experience!

Some days you may find yourself craving a slow, relaxing shower. Some others may demand a quick, revitalizing one. But are all showerheads capable of providing both experiences? Not always. You may find that your overhead shower doesn’t create enough water pressure. This would mean a slower water flow at all times. Dual showerheads are made to enhance water pressure in at least one of the showerheads. 

Fixed showerheads are great for a quick wash-over. But, they rarely come with any extra features. Dual showerheads are more likely to give you added spray settings. The best part? In most combos, you can use both showerheads together or separately! 

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From all my research, I have determined the best dual showerhead! It’s the AquaDance 7” Premium High-Pressure Shower Combo. This showerhead is superior in looks as well as functionality. The showerheads are of two distinctly different sizes. So you can pick between a regular or wider coverage. The showerheads come with many practical functions. And the super long metal hose is 70 inches of pure mobility! 

Upgrading to a dual showerhead might seem confusing. But, you have come to the right place to ease your doubts. Read on to learn more about the best dual showerheads in the market!

Here are the best dual shower heads (our picks)

1. AquaDance 7″ Premium High Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower Combo

AquaDance 7″ Premium High Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower Combo

This high-pressure shower set is excellent for relieving stress. Imagine getting your day started under flowing water that invigorates you. But, it can also relax you after a long day with its 6-setting showerhead.

This combination showerhead boasts a 7-inch wide, mounted shower. This provides wonderful coverage for most. The smaller handheld showerhead is also pretty wide at 4 inches. In addition, the handheld showerhead comes attached to a 70 inches long hose for extra flexibility. This is one of the most versatile options, with great features.

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The Aquadance 7” combo showerhead guarantees easy installation. Built to fit any standard shower arm, you can install it within minutes. In addition, the showerhead promises limited lifetime customer services for buyers. Selling at $29.99, this combination showerhead is a steal.


  • Higher coverage with 7” and 4” wide showerheads
  • 70 inches long metal hose
  • High pressure water flow
  • 6 different shower spray settings for both showerheads
  • Easy to install 


  • May not be most ideal for very tall users

2. Moen Engage Magnetix Multi Function Combo Showerhead

SunCleanse 35 Setting Dual 2-in-1 Shower Combo

The Moen showerhead sports a magnetic hold system. The handheld showerhead docks itself magnetically. This allows for easy detachment when needed.

The spot-resistant finish on the showerhead gives it a clean look. The brushed nickel polish is resistant to fingerprints and water stains. So you can enjoy a clean and classy-looking shower always. The showerheads sport six distinct spray functions. Further, the pause function helps with water-saving. 

With many irresistible features, this showerhead may be precisely what you’re looking for. However, at $94, it does fall on the more expensive end of the budget.


  • Anti-kink metal hose for constant mobility
  • 6 shower settings
  • Wide showerheads for full coverage
  • Magnetic docking system
  • Spot-resistant technology keeps the shower looking cleaner for longer


  • Expensive if compared to other showerheads with similar features

3. ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower

ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower

This piece is slightly different from the rest on this list. Here, we have a shower panel tower! This includes not just dual shower heads but added jet nozzles as well. This shower panel was specifically made for shower snobs to provide you with the ultimate at-home spa experience.

You can choose between either a brushed metal or a matte black look. That’s not all; you even get to pick between 5 or 6 modes on the panel! This luxurious shower panel has so much to offer. It gives multiple settings on the handheld showerhead. The overhead shower has a rainfall AND waterfall shower function! 

The shower panel features LED lights and a display for temperature control. This futuristic shower assures perfect water temperature with every use. The LED lights help set the right ambiance for the most relaxing showers. Made of corrosion-free materials, it’s extremely low maintenance. Alongside this, you receive a warranty of 2 years. The price may seem steep at around $220. But it’s really on the cheaper end for shower panels and worth it.


  • Ultimate spa experience at home
  • Rainfall and waterfall setting for the most relaxing showers
  • The handheld showerhead comes with several functions
  • LED lights further add to the experience
  • Looks great in all bathrooms
  • Low maintenance with a 2-year warranty ensures a longer quality of use


  • Can only be considered as an option for buyers with a higher budget

4. DreamSpa Ultra-luxury Shower Head Combo

DreamSpa Ultra-luxury Shower Head Combo

Experience rainshower goodness with the DreamSpa shower combo. “Ultra-luxury” will sound just right when you take a look at this beauty. The 9-inch thin, square showerhead exudes luxury. It is well-known that rainfall showerheads provide the most relaxing experience. This holds for the DreamSpa showerhead as well. But, it may be so that you are looking for something else, too. In which case, the extra-large, 5-inch handheld showerhead has got you covered. 

Choose between a high-pressure massage or relaxing rain. Either way, this combo will fulfill all your shower needs. You can adjust the overhead bracket for the perfect angle. At 60 inches long, the metal hose is more than enough for complete mobility. The rainfall showerhead has 121 jets for great coverage. The handheld shower is no less with three different spray functions. 

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This easy-to-install shower comes with washers, tape, and a guide. Follow the instructions and have it set up in an instant. You can also enjoy a limited lifetime warranty. This means easy returns if you aren’t fully satisfied. At $29.99, there’s not much more I would want from it.


  • Wide showerheads cover larger areas without effort
  • Shift between 3 functional settings
  • The long metal hose provides mobility
  • Modern and sleek look, adds elegance to the bathroom
  • Easy to follow instructions simplifies the installation process
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees 100% satisfaction


  • 3 shower spray settings maybe a little less in comparison with other showerheads

5. Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra-Luxury 3-way 2 in 1 Shower Head

Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra-Luxury 3-way 2 in 1 Shower Head

This easy-to-install showerhead sports 24 different functions to choose from! Its Eco setting function helps prevent water wastage. The other main settings include Power Rain, Massage, Rain/Massage, and Pause. With “Pause,” you can slow down water flow to a trickle. This ensures water is saved during lathering or shaving in the bathroom.

The handheld showerhead stays in place with an anti-swivel lock. With three different finishes, this showerhead can match all styles. Be it luxuriously vintage, minimalist and dark, or sleek modernity. The 5 feet long metal hose only adds to its versatility. 

The HydroLux showerheads are fitted with rub-clean jets. These nozzles make cleaning a breeze. They also keep mineral build-up and limescale at bay, allowing low maintenance. You can even get a 10-year limited warranty on this product. This masterpiece of a shower retails at just $24.99!


  • Easy installation, fits in minutes
  • 5 feet long hose
  • Multiple shower settings, including ones to save water
  • Highly affordable
  • 10 years warranty on the product
  • Anti-swivel lock nut keeps showerhead in place when in use


  • Warranty can only be availed if bought from a verified dealer

6. DreamSpa 3-way Rainfall Shower-Head and Handheld Shower

DreamSpa 1432 3-way Rainfall Shower-Head and Handheld Shower

This second DreamSpa showerhead brings you eight practical settings. You can switch between them by simply touching a button. The highly flexible 5 feet long hose adds to its practicality.

The wide showerheads cover a large area quickly. Further, the polished chrome finish makes it a treat to look at. This showerhead combo will elevate your bathroom to the next level. 

The showerhead has simple installation instructions. You can fit it onto a standard shower arm within minutes. The easy-to-clean nozzles make upkeep a dream! Simply wipe away any dirt or build-up, and it’s good as new. The cherry on top is that this showerhead comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This rainfall and handheld shower combo retails from $22.60.


  • 8 different, practical settings
  • Long hose (5ft) provides flexibility
  • Can be installed within minutes
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Limited lifetime warranty assures good use for a very long time


  • Might face some leakage with this showerhead

7. SunCleanse 35 Setting Dual 2-in-1 Shower Combo

SunCleanse 35 Setting Dual 2-in-1 Shower Combo

The second spot on this list goes to the SunCleanse dual showerhead. It comes with six settings on its handheld shower and five on the mounted one. Together you can pick from a combination of up to 35 functions! 

Manufacturers guarantee replacement if issues are reported within three years of buying. The shower is “side-heavy” for some. Other reviews suggest it tilts to one side due to its weight. Nevertheless, at $44.99, it’s a pretty good deal for its many spray settings. 


  • 35 combined shower functions between two showerheads
  • Powerful Spray
  • Guaranteed replacement within 3 years in case of issues


  • Not the easiest to assemble, instructions may be difficult to follow

What to Look for In the Best Dual Shower Heads?


As you can see here, dual showerheads come at all price points. They also come in a ton of different variations to pick from. Setting a budget is an easy way to reduce confusion. It is easy to find a great dual showerhead at a lower price point. So, you do not have to worry about missing out on the good ones. With deals starting as low as $20, there’s no way you won’t find the right one. Make sure to read all details carefully before investing in the showerhead.


When it comes to sizing, think about the needs of your household. Is your bathroom big enough to hold a wide showerhead? If not, the water could go all over the place, wetting even the dry areas. Do you have someone taller than the average person using this shower? Consider looking for showerheads with taller mounts for them. With so many options available, you can easily find your perfect fit.

Water Pressure

Dual showerheads provide flexibility in terms of water pressure. Showerheads that boost pressure on one face are your ideal option. This provides you with the best of both worlds. You can opt for a lower or higher force based on your mood with such dual showers. 


While double showerheads are meant to be more versatile, they may not always be so. Look for shower heads with handheld showers that add mobility. Some dual showerheads sport two mounted or fixed showerheads. While this may be what some look for, mostly, it just defeats the purpose. Make sure the one you buy adds new elements to your existing showerhead. Otherwise, the expenditure is futile. Be on the lookout for multiple functions and settings that fit your budget.

Installation and Maintenance

Fancy showerheads look highly tempting and luxurious. Yet, struggling behind setting up a simple shower may ruin the fun of it completely. Unless you are willing to shell out an additional buck for the plumber. If not, opt for showerheads that are easy to install. Look for simple instructions that come with all the required equipment. 

Almost all dual showerheads come with an installation kit. This would include washers, plumber’s tape, and a clear instruction guide. Usually, you need nothing more than these to install a new showerhead. “Tool-free” installation is always your friend. You should have yourself a brand new shower in minutes by following the given instructions!

Further, you would want a shower that is easy to maintain in the long run. Self-cleaning nozzles are the way to go. They prevent clogging as well as the mineral build-up. A close second is the easy-to-clean jets and nozzles. Just a simple wipe down is enough to keep them looking like new. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dual shower heads utilize more water?

It is possible that dual showerheads can utilize more water. This will especially hold true if you use both showerheads at once. Your water heater will also be working more with a dual showerhead. So, make sure it is equipped to handle a higher workload before installing one. 

Do dual shower heads offer higher water pressure?

Yes, dual shower heads can provide higher water pressure. With dual shower heads, you can use both showerheads simultaneously. This means you get to experience your normal water pressure doubled. Further, at least one shower head is built to boost water pressure. So one way or another, you can enjoy a higher water pressure. 

What does a 3-way diverter do in a dual shower head?

A 3-way diverter allows you to change the flow of water. It is this technology that lets you use both showerheads together or separately. Depending on your needs, the diverter directs the flow into one or both the showerheads. This helps save water, as both showerheads are not always in use.

Can the spray settings be used in both handheld and overhead showers?

Yes, in most of the dual showerheads, it can. Most of the dual showerheads come with several settings on both. These settings are usually massage, rain, and spray or mist. If your shower head of choice allows for it, you can use it with both. But, some mounted showerheads are specifically meant to be rain showerheads. In which case, they may not feature multiple settings. For example, the spray setting may only exist in the handheld part with such a showerhead. 

Is there any difference in the water flow in a dual shower head?

There could be a difference in the water flow in a dual showerhead. As mentioned earlier, some dual shower heads come with a rain shower. Rainfall showerheads are meant to have lower water pressure. You may find a difference between the mounted and handheld shower in such systems because the handheld shower will most likely enhance the water pressure. This is especially true with settings like massage or power rain/massage. But, if both showerheads work with the same settings, you should see no difference.

Wrapping Up

Dual showerheads can be very handy in bathrooms. They can help you get cleaned up faster. They may also be ideal for bathing children and pets with handheld showerheads. They are versatile and can enhance your shower experience. Mostly, they are easy to install. Additionally, the easy-to-clean features also ensure low maintenance. If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom experience, you should consider getting a dual showerhead.