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Best Couch Cushion Support

Best Couch Cushion Support (2020)

Sinking cushions should not force you to throw away a good couch unless you are tired of it and want to get a new one. If the cushions are sinking or sagging, choosing the best couch cushion support would be a perfect solution rather than getting a new couch or sofa.

Cushion supports bring new firmness and support to couches, sofas, love seats, and even recliners.

They are easy to fix so you don’t need to hire a professional. You just need to slip them under the cushions and the firmness and comfort of the seat will be restored instantly.

In this article, we will review the 7 couch cushion supports that come highly recommended by users.

Best sagging couch support comparison table

Evelots Sofa/couch wood support.Versatile, sturdy, easy to install, foldable
Sagging Sofa support .Vinyl covered particle board, sturdy, easy to fit, adjustable
LAMINET Deluxe Thick support.Heavy-duty vinyl, foldable, very thick, versatile,sturdy
Bandwagon sagging loveseat support.Vinyl-covered particle board, Thick, foldable,sturdy, easy to fix
Sagging Recliner support.Cross-linked polyethylene material, strong and sturdy

Best couch cushion support reviews 

1. Evelots Sofa/couch cushion wood support

This cushion support is 5 feet long with 6 adjustable 9-inch panels.

The panels can be folded to fit loveseats, chairs, and recliners or unfolded to fit sofas and couches.

Installation is pretty easy and no tools are required. If you want to place under your sagging chair or recliner, simply fold the panels and place them under the cushions. To use of couches and sofas, unfold the panels and place them under the sagging cushions.

The supports are very easy to clean since they are made of pressed wood with a protective layer of black vinyl.


  • Can be adjusted to fit couches, sofas, recliners, chairs, and loveseats
  • Easy to clean
  • Very sturdy
  • Provide adequate support for sagging cushions
  • Works behind the back cushion too
  • Easy to install


  • If your seat is sagging too much, you may need to get 2 of these cushion supports for better firmness and comfort

2. Sagging sofa cushion support

These cushion supports are made of high-quality vinyl-covered particle board.

They can be used to support chair, sofa, or love seat cushions to give the seats a new look and prevent sagging.

The chair supports measure 19×22 inches while the sofa supports measure 19×66 inches. You can also get one for the love seat, which measures 19×44 inches. So you need to measure your seat before purchasing the support.


  • They help to improve posture as you sit
  • Very firm and sturdy
  • Easy to fit
  • Can be used as a bed support
  • Can be folded


  • Some users find it a little thinner than  expected

3. Laminet Deluxe Extra Thick sagging furniture cushion support insert

These cushion inserts are thicker than the standard supports from competing brands.

They are made from heavy-duty wood and covered with heavy-duty vinyl so that they are easy to clean.

To install, place them under the seat cushions. You can fold them to fit a standard chair or recliner or unfold them to fit larger furniture like coaches and sofas.


  • They are 60% thicker than competing brands
  • Can be folded or unfolded to fit a variety of furniture
  •  Helps to stabilize the springs of the couch
  • Firms up the sofa, chair, recliner, and couch very well
  • They are very sturdy


  • None so far

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4. Bandwagon Sagging Loveseat support

You can prevent your loveseat cushions from sagging using this Bandwagon support.

It is made of a highly durable vinyl-covered particle board that measures 19 x 44 inches when fully extended and about 1 inch thick.

To fix it, just unfold the panels to the appropriate length and place under the seat cushions.


  • Increases the firmness of the couch
  • Very easy to install
  • It is very sturdy
  • Easy to clean


  • Some users feel that it’s too thin though firm

5. Sagging Recliner support seat cushion repair kit

If you have a sagging recliner, reclining loveseat, or reclining couch, get this cushion repair kit.

The support consists of 3 pieces of specialized cross-linked polyethylene material each measuring 6 x 18 x ½ inches.

Although installation does not require any tools, you need to put in some effort.

First, turn the recliner upside down with the footrest extended. Fix each support piece one by one above the seat springs pulling one spring at a time.

The support pieces should rest against as well as push up the seat cushion from below in order to provide support and firmness.

Before placing your order, first, check the springs of your seat to see whether they are accessible. The seat should not have coil springs or strap webbing and the springs should not be broken too as it will not be possible to install these cushion supports.


  • Works great for lazy boy recliner
  • Helps to restore the firmness of the seats
  • Very comfortable


  • Work only on attached seat recliner with zigzag springs
  • Not very easy to install

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There is no need to throw away your perfectly good couch just because it is sagging. As discussed in our previous article, there are things you can use to provide support like adding foam inserts and more fiber.

In this article, we have reviewed the best couch cushion support, which can help to make the seat firm and comfortable once again.

The supports are very easy to fix under the seat cushions. Other than cushion supports, there are other ways you can make the cushions firmer such as by using foam inserts and plywood as discussed in our previous article.

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