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Best Toilet Seat For A Heavy Person: Review & Buying Guide

Picking the suitable toilet seat for your bathroom can be a game-changer for your toilet experience. The market is full of options for choosing the correct toilet seat. There are wooden, plastic seats, padding, deodorizing features, and even bidets. Additionally, there are seats designed to match your interior, do easier cleaning, or even be comfortable to sit on.

A common complaint comes when the toilet seats break or crack when a heavy person sits on them. Most toilet seats have a limit of 300 pounds. Thankfully, more awareness and customer-centric seats now come in for people of all sizes.

We have reviewed the top five best toilet seats for heavy people to make this decision easier for you. This guide will help you make an educated decision about which seat you should or should not buy.

Five best toilet seats for heavy people: Reviewed

Big John Toilet Seat 2445263-3W Toilet Seat

Big John Toilet Seat 2445263-3W Open Front with Cover Bariatric Toilet Seat

Big John Toilet Seats are very ergonomic and dynamic. The company also has a different variant, 1-W, similar design contour. However, the unique aspect of this upgraded model is that it features an open-front design for a more hygienic experience. In addition, it has a considerable weight capacity, and it is perfect and user-friendly.


  • Color: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: Elongated
  • Shape: Oval, round, open-front
  • Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 2.5 inches
  • Capacity: 1200 pounds
  • Stainless steel hinges


  • open-front, convenient design
  • Stainless steel fixtures
  • Very stable


  • The contour design might not be suitable for everyone and should be tested first

– – –

Bemis 7800TDG 000 Elongated Plastic Toilet Seat

Bemis 7800TDG 000 Plastic Toilet Seat Elongated, White

The Bemis toilet seats have been popular for a long time. They are a trustworthy brand in the USA. The company’s hollow-core design is simplistic and suitable for heavy-weight capacity. These seats are also elementary to install, clean, and do not spoil or crack easily.


  • Color: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: Elongated
  • Shape: Oval
  • Heavy-duty use
  • Fits Kohler, American standard, etc.


  • Environment-friendly
  • Modern design
  • elongated, popular design


  • Might be dangerous for children to use

– – –

Bath Royale BR 620-00 Round Toilet Seat

Bath Royale BR620-00 White Premium Round Toilet Seat Slow Close, Replacement Toilet Seat

The Batch Royale seat is one of the newest and most efficient slow-close toilet seats. It also features a quick one-touch release to make it easy to clean and fix back. It is ergonomically built and fits most of the popular toilet brands such as Bemis, Gerber, Delta, etc. It has both options – oval and round seats, and you can pick one that is the most beneficial for you, depending on your toilet bowl.


  • Color: White
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Style: Transitional
  • Shape: Oval and Round


  • Easy to clean
  • Slow close function
  • Stain-resistant
  • 2-year warranty


  • Incompatible with a bidet
  • Sometimes you may experience sizing issues

– – –

The WSSROGY Elongated Toilet Seat

Elongated Toilet Seat with Lid, Quiet Close

This toilet seat is a good, affordable, and long-lasting option. The manufacturer boasts of creating a sturdy product that comes with an elongated design option. It is suitable for heavy people because of its high-grade construction. It is also very comfortable and easy to install. It also comes with a slow close feature to avoid the slamming sound.


  • Color: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: Elongated
  • Shape: Oval
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 14 x 2.5 inches


  • Easy to clean
  • Slow close function
  • High-grade construction


  • Design is not very ergonomic

– – –

The Centoco 900-001 Elongated Wooden Toilet Seat

CENTOCO 900-001 Elongated Wooden Toilet Seat

The Centoco 900-001 is the best wooden toilet seat on this list. It is made with thick polypropylene, but it is an engineered wood that will ensure moisture or germs do not go into the wood. In addition, the finish is a high-gloss one to prevent scratches or discoloration of the wood.


  • Color: White, Biscuit, and two more colors
  • Material: Engineered wood
  • Style: Standard
  • Shape: Oval, Round
  • Dimensions: 18.75 x 14.25 x 2 inches


  • Sanitary
  • Non-porous
  • Scratch-resistant gloss finish
  • Fits on the toilet bowls of all the famous brands


  • Not as stable as the other options on this list

– – –

Is a wood or plastic toilet seat better for a heavy person?

Wooden toilet seats are much better compared to plastic seats in every aspect. Not only are they more warm and durable, but they also have a lesser chance of breaking. In addition, wood as a material is more long-lasting and eco-friendly than plastic. A wooden toilet seat will easily last you for more than five years. So if you want a toilet seat for a heavy person, wood is the option you should consider.

Buying Guide: Things to consider while buying a toilet seat for a heavy person

Choosing the correct toilet seat for your bathroom is a critical decision. Not having a suitable toilet seat can lead to discomfort and dissatisfaction in most of our lives. Even though it may seem like a small decision, it plays a vital role in our mood, behavior, and lifestyle. Let us look at what some of you should know when you decide which toilet seat is best for you.

Varieties of Toilet Seats

There are two main categories under which toilet seats fit. Of course, this also depends on the size and shape of your bathroom, but these two categories are the most common ones. They are as follows:

a. Elongated or Oval seats

Elongated or oval seats are a little longer than the standard round toilet. However, they feel more comfortable because they fit in perfectly with our lap and posture. Not only that, but they are also highly customizable. These oblong seats come in an array of colors, and you can easily match them with your bathroom decor. The length of the oval seats is usually between 17 to 19 inches. One con of these seats is that they are slightly more expensive. 

b. Round or Circular seats

Round toilet seats are standard and are round in shape. Even though they continue to be used, most people do not prefer them anymore. This is because they are shorter and less comfortable to sit on than the oval ones. One advantage of these seats is that they are smaller, so you can fit them easily in any bathroom without worrying about space. The length of these seats is usually 16.5 or 17 inches.

Now that we know the two types of seat options that you can pick from, let us see what you need to consider before buying a toilet seat. 

1. Shape of the seat

Based on your preferences, you can decide whether you want a round or an oval seat. Both have their pros and cons, and choosing which shape you’d like to go for, will give you a base to start with. From here on, you can filter the toilet seat options better.

2. Material of the seat

The material that the seat is made out of will decide its level of comfort. There are several materials to choose from, such as wooden or plastic – these two are the most common ones. Other, more expensive materials include brass, vinyl, ceramic, steel, etc.

3. Softness or hardness of the seat

If you prefer a softer and comfier seat, then a padded toilet seat will help you out. Even otherwise, most toilet seats are soft. Wooden seats are more comfortable than plastic ones.

4. Build of the seat

You need to be sure that the toilet seat of your choice is ergonomically sound. You should check beforehand or check customer reviews about the seat. For example, check whether it wiggles when you sit on it, or if it is comfortable to sit on, etc.

5. Price and affordability of the seat

If you cannot splurge a lot on a toilet seat, quite a few cheaper options are available. Affordability plays a big part in how often you can spend on your toilet seats or replace them. Consider getting a simple, functional seat even if your budget is less. If you try to save up in buying the seat, you might have to spend more money later to replace faulty parts. It is in your best interest to go in for a good-quality seat right from the beginning. You could even splurge thousands of dollars on toilet seats if you have the money to spare.

6. Durability of the seat

Buying a toilet seat is an expensive and tiring task. In most cases, if you are careful and mindful about your usage, you will be able to use your toilet seat for at least 5 years. Often, the seats that last longer are wooden ones, compared to the plastic ones. Wooden seats do not develop cracks easily when you sit on them. They will also not get scratched or slide away. This does not mean that all plastic seats are bad – there are so many plastic seats that are pretty long-lasting. Doing your research or simply picking something from the list given above will help you choose a durable seat.

7. Sound of the seat

A toilet seat’s sound when it shuts down or is closed is pretty irritating. Some seats do not stay put and slam down even if you prop them up. You can splurge a little more and get a toilet seat with a ‘soft close’ feature to protect your mental peace and ears from this sudden sound. If this is too out of your budget, you can also get a padded seat. This is much more doable and less loud.

8. Overall Look of the seat

Even though toilet seats do not mainly count as home decor items, it can not hurt to match your bathroom furnishings with your toilet seat to make it look aesthetic. If you want to add some lively color to your bathroom, you should go in for a customizable toilet seat that comes in various color options. 

9. Installation of the seat

Toilet seats are easy to install most of the time. If you break or chip your seat, you should ensure that the new one you are buying is easy to put in. But, if your toilet has added amenities or you go in for an extra fancy seat, you might need professional help to install the seat.

10. Easy cleaning of the seat

Toilet cleaning is one of the most tiring and annoying jobs of all time. To ensure that you do not spend most of your days cleaning your toilets, you should consider investing in a toilet that is easy to clean. There are two special things to take into account here: 

a. Using a quick-release seat: A quick-release seat is designed to make cleaning easier. You can release the seat from its place, clean it, and pop it back onto the toilet.

b. Plastic toilet seats: Plastic seats are much easier to clean than wooden seats. The surface of the seat is resistant to a large amount of water and moisture, so deep cleaning is not always required. Wooden seats are much more porous. If you want the ease of cleaning, then go with a plastic seat.

11. Additional features of the seat

Most people do not bother adding on additional features to make their toilet more comfortable than it is. But there are many things you can play around with when it comes to leveling the toilet up. Some examples are as follows:

a. An in-built night light in the toilet: this feature is pretty handy when you have to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. This nightlight will ensure that you can safely go to the toilet without switching on multiple other lights and disturbing the others in your house.

b. Bidet: Bidet is becoming increasingly popular because of its easy and clean function. They will help you be as sanitary as possible with your toilet habits. However, they are pricey, and not everyone can afford them. If money or space is not an issue for you, you should consider getting a bidet.

c. Heated seats: There is nothing like a warm toilet seat in the cold winter. This additional feature will give you that extra comfort and warmth by keeping your seat toasty.

d. Deodorizing toilets: Some toilets will help you in getting rid of the foul odor on their own. These toilets are designed to release fragrant scents on flushing and are a game-changer.


Do toilet seats have a weight limit?

Yes, toilet seats do have a weight limit. The average weight limit of a toilet is 300 pounds. It can take up to 300 pounds before it breaks. We would still advise you to be gentle with the seat and not apply unnecessary force to it. 

Why do my toilet seats keep breaking?

Like any household item, toilet seats go through wear and tear, just like any household item. They come loose, or become wobbly, or slide away. This is pretty inconvenient for you – and there is a reason why this happens. But, you have to remember that a shaky or a wobbly toilet seat is not a broken toilet seat. You can easily repair them by just tightening the screws or the loose bolts. Toilet seats last for years, typically more than 5 years. Wooden ones last longer than other fancier options like ceramic or plastic.

Toilet seats do not crack on their own. But, if some heavy object falls on it or if you sit on it with too much force, it may crack. All toilet seats come with a weight limitation. This is the least amount of weight your toilet seat can take without breaking. If you do not want your seat to break or have visible cracks, always pay close attention to the upper weight limit.

How much weight can a plastic RV toilet hold?

Regular toilet RVs are similar in size to a toilet in a house. The size of an RV toilet is anywhere between 15 to 20 inches wide and tall. You always have the option to upgrade your toilet in an RV, depending on your needs and the space available. On a general note, RV toilets can take between 200 to 300 pounds of weight. This means that anyone of any size can use them with ease.

Wrapping Up

With the variety of options available in the market for a toilet seat, it can get confusing to pick one for your needs. However, outlining some mandates when choosing a toilet seat, such as hygiene, the porosity of the material, long-lasting quality, and comfort, will help you make the right choice. 

If you prefer the style and eye-pleasing toilet decor, a wooden seat will look regal and warm. It is also pretty comfortable. But, it would help if you kept in mind that wood is less clean than plastic because it is porous. In this case, you can opt for any of the plastic seat alternatives stated on this list. You also have to keep the tips to upkeep the toilet seat in mind. There are several options featuring a stainless steel hinge or bolts. This ensures that your seat installation is easy, and you can use it for a longer time. Lastly, picking the best toilet seat is to select high-quality materials.

We hope that our review has helped you pick the right product for you.