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How to Fix a Lazy Boy Power Recliner Footrest in [year]? [3 EASY Ways]

Failure of the footrest to go up and down is one of the major lazy boy recliner problems. So in this article, we are going to talk about how to fix a lazy boy power recliner footrest.

There is no doubt that lazy boy recliners are among the best brand of recliners in the market. The comfort and relaxation they offer especially after a stressful day at work is magical.

However, just like every other piece of furniture at home, these recliners are not immune to developing faults due to frequent use.

Many people complain about the footrest failing to go up or down, yet this is a very important aspect of a reclining seat. Luckily,  this footrest problem can be repaired without much hustle as we shall see in this article.

First, let us look at why the recliner footrest malfunctions.

How to Fix a Lazy Boy Power Recliner Footrest

If you need to fix a lazy boy recliner that won’t go down, you first need to ensure that it hasn’t gone stiff or has any loose screws. If that’s the case, you would have to flip it over, identify the loose screws, and tighten them using a screwdriver. Apply a generous amount of lubricant to the joints. However, if the ratchet of your recliner is damaged, you will have to replace it altogether.

Lazy Boy Recliner Footrest Problems

Before we get to the solution on how to fix a lazy boy recliner footrest, it is important to troubleshoot and understand why the footrest is faulty in the first place.

It is also important to understand how the recliner footrest functions so that you know how to fix it.

1. Recliner footrest too hard to close or push down

There are several reasons why the footrest may become too hard to close or even fail to close or push down.

Lazy boy recliner footrest problems

The age of the recliner is a major determining factor in that an old recliner may experience problems with the cable, screws, springs, and latch mechanism.

Often times the cable that controls the reclining mechanism may break due to the normal wear and tear. If your recliner’s cable is broken, you might have to get a replacement.

Also, trapped dirt, dust, and rust on the cables can make it difficult for the footrest to push down smoothly. So regular lubrication of the cables and springs is very crucial.

Another possible reason could be loose internal screws due to frequent reclining. The best solution is to tighten them as well as check on the bolts and nuts to ensure they are not coming loose.

2. Recliner footrest won’t stay up

Springs help the recliner to stay up. But as aforementioned, if the springs are broken or have lost their tension, they cannot hold the footrest. Hence, it won’t stay up.

So, check the status of the springs to see whether you need to replace them or tighten them to increase their tension.

Also, don’t forget to check the screws and tighten them in order to ensure the footrest stays up.

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How to Fix Different Lazy Boy Power Recliner Footrest [3 EASY Ways]

In order to repair your power recliner footrest, you need to first identify the cause of the problem as discussed above. This is because you might need different tools to do different footrest repairs.

Here is how to fix different lazy boy recliner problems.

1. Repair lazy boy recliner footrest that won’t go down

If your footrest is too stiff, there could be some loose screws or a lubrication issue as explained earlier. To fix this issue follow the steps below:

  • Flip over the recliner to access the footrest mechanism. Identify any loose screws and bolts. Using a screwdriver, tighten them. If they are too damaged, replace them but this time with longer screws to make them firmer.
  • If all the screws are well tightened, the stiff footrest might be a result of rust; hence, lubrication is needed. Loosen the screws and bolts, and apply generous amounts of lubricant to the joints. Remember to lubricate the cable as well. Ensure that the cushion and floor are protected from the lubricant by covering them with a cloth or old newspaper.

2. Recliner footrest spring replacement for lazy boy

There is a special spring inside the footrest that controls its reclining mechanism.

How to fix a lazy boy power recliner footrest

The spring will become loose or break after continuous use. To fix or replace the springs follow these steps

  • Turn the recliner upside down and use a flashlight to locate the bolts and screws on the spring. You might need someone to help you in this process.
  • Using a screwdriver, remove screws that are attaching the spring to the recliner and put the old spring aside.
  • Replace it with a new one and make sure that all the bolts and screws are nice and tight.

Return the recliner to its position and test to see if the footrest is working.

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3. How to adjust a sagging recliner footrest

Your recliner footrest will sag or refuse to stay in place if its ratchet is damaged. Depending on the level of damage, you will be required to adjust or replace the ratchet to fix this issue.

How to adjust a sagging recliner footrest
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To replace the ratchet, follow the steps below to get your footrest up:

  • Flip the recliner and look for the ratchet, this is the part that allows the footrest to lock in place
  • To reach the ratchet, you will need to disassemble some parts. Remove any bolts, screws, and parts until you get hold of the ratchet.
  • Once you have the ratchet, remove the bar attached to it and access its condition. If it is in good condition, carry out simple adjustments on it, but if it is too damaged, replace it.
  • Tightly attach everything together and put the mechanism back together. Every screw, bolt, and part should go back to where it came from.

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Are you one of those people who are afraid to learn how to fix lazy boy power recliner footrest?. From this article, I’m sure you can handle the fixing yourself or with a little help from a family member or friend.

However, if you feel like you need a professional, or you are faced with a footrest issue not discussed above, do not hesitate to call one.

Note that, you should never undertake any procedure on your recliner if you are not 100% sure. You cannot afford to make things worse and be forced to buy a new recliner.

Also, check on the warranty from the manufacturer to see if it covers footrest repairs. If it is covered, they will send you their technician saving you money and time.