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How to Keep Shower Curtain From Blowing In On You in [year]? [6 Ways]

Are you wondering how to keep shower curtain from blowing in on you or out?

So you’ve bought and installed the shower curtain that you extremely love. You get into the tub to have a feel of what it is like and suddenly the curtain blows in on you and sticks tightly onto your body as you shower.

As you stand there wondering what is happening, it is comforting to know that you are not the only one experiencing this.

In this article, we shall talk about the causes of the shower curtain blowing in and the various ways you can stop it.

How To Keep Shower Curtain From Blowing In On You or Out [6 Best Ways]

Here are 5 Ways by which you can keep the shower curtain from blowing in on you while showering:

  • Magnets and weights
  • Suction cups with binder clips
  • Get a heavy shower curtain liner or dual-layer curtain
  • Use curtain clips
  • Wetting the curtain first
  • Get a curved shower curtain rod

Why Does The Shower Curtain Blow in?

The phenomenon of the shower curtain blowing in on you as you take a shower is referred to as the billowing effect.

The billowing effect of the shower curtain is a common problem and there are several theories that have been formulated to explain why it happens.

Let’s look at these theories in detail.

1. Horizontal Vortex Theory 

The horizontal vortex theory postulates that spraying hot water from the showerhead creates a horizontal vortex inside the shower.

how to keep shower curtain from blowing in

This vortex causes air pressure inside the tub to reduce compared to the pressure outside.

As a result, the high pressure outside forces the shower curtain to blow inwards.

2. Bernoulli Effect Theory

The shower curtain effect can also be explained using the Bernoulli theory. The theory postulates that the increase in velocity of the water from the showerhead causes its pressure to drop inside the shower.

This causes a difference in air pressure between the inside and outside of the shower.

Since the pressure outside is higher than inside, it pushes the shower curtain inward forcing it to cling to the person bathing.

6 Ways On How To Keep Shower Curtain From Blowing In On You

1. Magnets and Weights

One of the simplest ways to weigh your shower curtain down and prevent it from blowing in is by using magnets or weights.

Some shower curtains come with magnets or weights already attached to the hem of the curtain while for others you have to purchase them separately.

I believe the reason why you are here is that your curtain does not have these magnets. Luckily, you do not have to buy another weighted curtain since you can get the magnets and weights from the store and sew them into the hem of your curtain.

N&Y Home Magnetic Shower Curtain weights and the Clingless Shower Keeper come highly recommended.

Magnetic shower curtain weights
Magnetic shower curtain weights

They help to pin the curtain to your bathtub and also weigh it down so that it becomes difficult to blow in. These magnets work perfectly on all tubs whether metal or porcelain.

2. Suction Cups With Binder Clips

The suction cups work great with binder clips in not only preventing billowing but also in preventing water from splashing out of the tub or shower.

First, you need to get the suction cups and binder clips from the store. The suction cups usually come in a pack and are quite affordable.

To secure the curtain, attach the suction cups to the wall on either side then clip the binder clips to the curtain.

When taking a shower, use the wire loop on the binder clip to secure the curtain tightly on the suction cups.

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 3. Get a Heavy Shower Curtain Liner or Dual-Layer Curtain

A lightweight shower curtain will definitely be drawn into the tub but a heavy one may not. Thus, go for curtains made from heavier material.

how to keep shower curtain from blowing in on you

Another option is to add another curtain so that you have a dual-layer. One curtain can remain inside the tub while the other one remains outside so as to stop airflow.

This will prevent the curtain from billowing since the air will only blow the outside curtain while the inside one will remain intact.

However, you need to ensure the curtain is well fixed since heavy curtains are prone to falling especially when fixed using tension rods.

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4. Use Curtain Clips

It is interesting to know that you can get clips that push the shower curtain away from the interior of the tub.

The clips are long and are clipped on the top of the curtain along the rod from inside so that they push the curtain outward. This creates more room and prevents the curtain from clinging to you as you shower.

5. Wetting The Curtain First

 Wetting the lower part of the curtain with water and then sticking it to the sides of the tub can help to reduce the vortex effect. You should do this before turning on the shower.

Although the part of the curtain just above the tub may blow in, it will not reach you. This hack can also help to prevent water from splashing out and creating a mess on the floor.

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6. Get a Curved Shower Curtain Rod 

A curved shower curtain rod curves outward in a semi-circle thereby creating more room inside the shower. Since it’s curved outward, it pushes the curtain away from you and creates more space for you to move around. As a result, the curtain will not blow in or wrap around you since it is far from you.

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Most people often wonder why the shower curtain sticks to them in the shower or tub. Although this billowing effect of the shower curtain may not be the world’s largest problem, it’s pretty irritating.

In this article, we have looked at the different ways how to keep shower curtain from blowing in on you or out.

You do not have to use all the methods discussed above since some may work for you better than others depending on several factors. For instance, if your tub does not have metal in it, the magnets may not be of much help but the curtain hooks or suction cups with binder clips might work perfectly.

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