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What Is a Shower Steamer and How to Use It?

Missing out on all the bath bomb fun simply because you don’t have a bathtub? Or because you want to avoid an extremely high water bill that comes with regular baths? There may be a solution after all! Imagine a bath bomb, except it works in the shower! This is not a drill; we present to you – shower steamers. Tag along to find out more about how to use shower steamers.

What Is a Shower Steamer?

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Shower steamers are a block of fizz that work in – you guessed it – showers. They work on the same principle as bath bombs. They use citric acid and essential oils that fizz and bubble when hit by moisture. The fizzing of the shower steamers releases aromas into the air. This is supposed to enhance your shower experience. Shower steamers aid in aromatherapy. Different smells are used to activate different parts of your brain. This can encourage relaxation, help with stress relief, or even pain. The best part is that you do not have to use the whole shower steamer at once. Taking a quick shower? Remove it once you’re done showering and reuse it at a later time! 

How Do Shower Steamers Work?

Shower steamers work pretty much the same way as bath bombs do. They are made of baking soda, citric acid, and essential oils. When this mixture comes in contact with water, it fizzes and releases steam. Shower steamers or shower bombs are supposed to provide a spa-like experience. They use different scents or combinations to aid this experience. Shower steamers bring you the sense of relaxation that comes with bath bombs. But, they fit nicely into a quick shower and help save water in the long run. 

Shower Steamers vs. Bath Bombs: What’s The Difference?

Shower steamers and bath bombs have some fundamental differences. These differences might not seem significant at first glance. But, they do make a huge difference when it comes to usage,

1. Shape

The most apparent difference between bath bombs and shower steamers is their shape. Bath bombs are usually round and look like a ball. This is because they are meant to dissolve into the bathwater. You can find shower steamers in a lot of different shapes. But, they are more likely to have straight, flat surfaces. This is because they are meant to sit in one place and gradually steam out while you shower. Spherical shower steamers can topple over and increase the risk of a fall. 

2. Essential Oils

It is true that bath bombs and shower steamers both use essential oils. But, the concentration of oils is very different in the two products. Shower steamers have a higher concentration of essential oils. Bath bombs use a lower concentration because they dissolve directly into bathwater. Hence, the oils come in contact with your skin. A higher concentration of essential oils can act as an irritant. Since shower steamers only release oil into the air, they have more essential oil. This would also mean that they carry a stronger scent.

3. Carrier oils

Bath bombs have an extra ingredient in them. This is the moisturizing carrier oil. Oils from olives or almonds are used to dilute the essential oils. This helps reduce the irritant factor of essential oils. It also provides a moisturizing effect as the oils contact skin. Shower steamers do not have moisturizing oils in them. This is because they do not directly come in contact with your skin. Therefore, diluting the essential oils will make the shower steamer less effective. Moreover, moisturizing carrier oils melting all over the shower floor can cause you to slip and fall.

Can You Use Shower Steamers as Bath Bombs?

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Essentially, yes. Since they both work the same way, it would fizz and bubble like a bath bomb. But, using a shower steamer as a bath bomb is not advised. As listed above, shower steamers carry a high concentration of essential oils. In addition, they are not made to come in contact with your skin at all. Direct contact with skin will possibly irritate. This is the opposite of the relaxing effect that shower steamers are meant to have. 

How to Use Shower Steamers?

Never used a shower steamer before? Here’s how to go about it.

1. Build Steam

Build Steam

Begin by running hot water from the tap so that the shower space steams up. You can then adjust the temperature before actually stepping in. 

2. Place the Shower Steamer

Pick a spot on the floor close to your shower stream to place the steamer. Do not let it touch the water directly. Instead, put it such that the splashing of water from the shower hits it indirectly. The closer it is to the shower streamer, the faster it will dissolve. For longer showers, place the steamer further away. 

3. Enjoy Spa-Like Shower

Once the shower steamer starts fizzing it releases oils with the steam. This provides a therapeutic effect. Pick from different scents that suit your specific aromatherapy needs.

When to Use Shower Steamers

Shower Steamer

You can use shower steamers when you like. You could even use them every day and enjoy the benefits. Shower steamers can help you unwind at the end of a long day. They can provide a calming effect and reduce anxiety. Using shower steamers at night can promote good sleep. You can also use them to help you wake up at the beginning of a day! 

How long does shower Steamers last?

Shower steamers, when stored properly, can be used more than once. This depends on the duration of your shower and how strong you like the scent. All you have to do is remove it from the shower as soon as you’re done. Store it in a dry place and activate it with water for the next use!

Store a new shower steamer in a cool and dry place. Glass jars or saran wraps are safe ways of storing shower steamers. They can last anywhere between 2-6 months when stored correctly. Keep away from moisture. 

Tips and Tricks for Using Shower Steamers

  1. The more steam in the shower, the more effective the shower steamer. Turn on the hot water for best use.
  2. If the smell of the shower steamer is too strong, hang it away from the water in a mesh bag. Sprinkle a few drops of water to activate it. This keeps it from fizzing excessively but releases a mild smell. 
  3. Store it in an air-tight container to use it more than once. You can use appropriately stored shower steamers at least 2-3 times.

Wrapping Up

Shower steamers are a great way to enjoy a truly relaxing shower. It incorporates the benefits of a bath bomb into the ease of a shower. No longer will you have to worry about water wastage, high water bills, or extensive clean-ups. Pop a shower steamer in the shower with you and let the steam work its magic. You can use them daily for a spa-like experience at home. Be careful not to place it very close to your feet. If it melts too quickly in the shower, it could make the floor slippery. Slippery floors can increase fall risks. Make sure to pick from various scents to make the best of your shower time!