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How to Wash a Sherpa Blanket to Keep it Soft in [year] – 6 EASY Ways

Any time you have something made from wool, be it clothing or blankets, you’ll need to know how to care for them. This article explains how to wash a sherpa blanket and gives additional tips on keeping it in great shape.

Many people have been left disappointed after following the care instructions on the blanket’s tag. The blanket matted and no longer felt soft or fluffy as it used to be before washing.

You see, Sherpa blankets have two sides; the smooth knit and the fleece side. The fleece side is an imitation of the real sheep’s wool; hence it’s very soft and delicate.

Like wool, extreme care must be taken to maintain the quality as well as the smooth and soft snugly feel of Sherpa blankets.

How to wash a Sherpa blanket to prevent matting

But a lot of things can go wrong during washing resulting in a damaged Sherpa blanket.

Let’s first talk about this so that we can know how to be extra careful when it comes to washing the blanket.

How to wash a Sherpa blanket to keep it soft?

Sherpa blankets are susceptible to damage if you don’t wash them optimally. We’d recommend starting with light handwashing, then washing it in the washing machine for good measure. Knowing how to wash a Sherpa blanket to keep it soft can be a game changer in the long run, especially if you have paid a hefty price for it.

What can Damage a Sherpa Blanket during Washing?

1. Using hot water for washing and a hot dryer

The more you expose the blanket to heat, the more it will lose its soft texture and become rough.

Hot water can shrink the fibers in the blanket and cause them to pill up.

Using hot water for washing and a hot dryer
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It is strictly recommended to wash Sherpa fleece blankets in cold water and dry them on low heat. You can also air dry it if the weather is favorable.

2. Abrasive detergent and not rinsing it off completely

These soft and fluffy pieces of comfort should not be washed with abrasive detergents or placed in the dryer.

It is advisable to use gentle detergents that are free of dyes, perfumes, and bleach so as not to irritate the fabric.

You may try detergents like Woolite, Ivory Snow, Tide Free & Gentle, and All Free Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent.

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3. Not Rinsing the blanket thoroughly

Apart from using a gentle detergent, another important factor is how you rinse the blanket.

Make sure you rinse off all the detergent before drying it so as not to leave residue on the blanket and cause pilling.

To have an easier time, avoid using too much detergent during washing.

4. Using fabric softeners and dryer sheets

Avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets because they can do more harm than good on your blankets. This is due to their synthetic materials that are not compatible with natural fibers like wool or cashmere.

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5. Washing Sherpa blankets with other clothing

Sherpa blankets should be washed separately from other fabrics so they do not get tangled or pull on any fibers during agitation.

It is actually advisable to wash them inside out so as to prevent shedding caused by friction against itself.

6. Machine drying

Do you know what can really shrink a Sherpa? Machine drying. So don’t do that, and stay away from the hot dryer too for the same reason.

how to wash sherpa blankets

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How to Wash a Sherpa Blanket Using a Washing Machine and by Hand

You can use your Sherpa fleece blanket all year long but it needs to be washed periodically to remove any dirt and grime. You can do this either using a washing machine or by hand.

a). How to machine wash a Sherpa blanket

  1. Fill your washing machine with cold water and a small amount of mild detergent Woolite or Ivory Snow
  2. Add the sherpa blanket to the washer, making sure it is not twisted or bunched up
  3. Set the cycle to gentle or delicate and run the wash cycle
  4. During rinsing, you can add vinegar for extra softness and odor protection
  5. Lay flat to dry. Don’t hang up as this will cause shrinkage or matting and make it more difficult for the fibers to return back into shape

Note: If you have any stains, use a stain remover like Oxyclean before washing. Gently use fingers to clean stains without rubbing too hard.

b). Hand washing a Sherpa fleece blanket without ruining it

  1. Fill a sink with cold water
  2. Add 1/4 cup of mild detergent like Woolite or Ivory Snow to the water
  3. Soak your Sherpa blanket in the soapy water for about 10 minutes
  4. Knead or scrub with a sponge or soft brush.
  5. Take note of stained areas and rub a stain remover gently onto the stain using your fingers
  6. Rinse under a running tap until all soap is removed from the fabric and it’s no longer sudsy. You should not see any bubbles.
  7. Lay down on a dry towel or flat surface to air dry, then fold and store away when completely dry
  8. Repeat process if needed for heavy stains or dirt buildup

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The Sherpa blanket is a popular winter accessory in many households. It’s soft, cuddly, and warm to snuggle up with on cold nights or chilly mornings.

But there are some special steps you need to take when it comes time for washing it.

In this article, we have given the steps on how to wash a Sherpa blanket.

We recommend if washing by hand, use lukewarm water with a detergent that is gentle on the fabric. If you do wash it in a machine, be sure to use delicate cycles with cold or warm water only, and don’t let it tumble dry.  When drying, lay the blanket out flat so as not to create any wrinkles and avoid hanging it to dry.

If you only your blanket occasionally, then don’t worry about washing it more than once every few months!