Is not Picking up Dog Poop Illegal

Is not Picking up Dog Poop Illegal in Public and Private Property?

Is not picking up dog poop illegal? Short answer, Yes. Failing to pick up dog poop is illegal in many places.

Dog poop can do more harm than you think not only to the environment but also to public health.

Do you actually know that there are laws that govern how the dog poop should be handled and disposed of?

In New York, for instance, the “pooper scooper law” actually exists. It is a law that has been enforced to manage how you dispose of dog poop. Other states that have enforced this law include Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Washington D.C among others.

Are your neighbors not picking up dog poop or are you one of those dog lovers who don’t pick up after their dog? This article will help you understand the consequences of breaking the law.

In this article, we shall discuss the legality of not picking up dog poop and the effects of the dog poop towards the environment and humanity at large.

3 Interesting Facts of Dog Poop you Didn’t Know

1. Dog poop is actually toxic

Contrary to common belief, dog poop is very toxic. This is based on the fact that it is strongly acidic. For this reason, it has been found to cause slight burns and discoloration around the lawn if not properly disposed of. Therefore, it is not a good fertilizer for your vegetables in the garden.

2. Dog poop contains many species of bacteria

The bacteria in dog poop such as E.Coli and Salmonella may not make your dog sick but if the poop is poorly disposed of, it can cause diseases to both humans and pets.

People may suffer from kidney disorders, diarrhea, and intestinal problems due to bacteria and parasites in the poop.

3. Dog poop odor can accelerate pre-existing health conditions

People who have allergies and other pre-existing medical conditions are at a very high risk of accelerating their sickness if they come into contact with the dog poop odor.

Is not picking up dog poop illegal in many places? 

Now let’s discuss this issue in depth.

As we’ve already stated, it is illegal not to pick up your dog’s poop especially in public places like parks and roads.

Why is this so?

Given the toxic nature of the poop, there is a likelihood of disease transmission if people and pets come into contact with the waste.

Thus, the majority of states have implemented the pooper scooper law to protect the environment as well as the health of the residents.

The pooper scooper law is a regulation that requires all pet owners to clean up fecal waste from their dog in public and private properties.

The public and private places to observe include sidewalks, parks, schools, beaches, and even your neighbor’s yard.

However, in some states like Seattle, the law requires dog owners to pick up dog poop even in their own yards. This means you can’t leave that doodoo in your backyard to act as fertilizer anymore.

Moreover, dog owners are required to mind the health of the workers by ensuring the poop is well wrapped in a plastic bag before throwing it into the trash can.

This is also a precautionary measure to avoid the chances of disease transmission to the workers and people who use public places amenities like parks.

Breaching the Pooper Scooper Law by not Picking up Dog Poop

In countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, the pooper scooper law is taken into serious consideration.

If you fail to pick up your dog’s poop in public places, you can be charged a fine of up to $2,000.

For instance, residents of Washington D.C are required to maintain a high level of environmental hygiene if they have a dog. A person risks being fined between $150 and $2000 for failing to adhere to the law.

is not picking up dog poop illegal

The law states that

No person, owning, keeping or having custody of a dog in the District, except seeing eye dogs, shall allow or permit dog waste to remain in any public place.

The fine is however less in Miami, which is about $50. Kindly check the law requirements in your respective states if you have a dog or any other animal pet.

How not to Breach the Law – Pick up after your Dog

The law requires that if your dog poops in a public place, you are required to pick up the poop and take it home with you to dispose of in a trash can or use a public trash can.

This is a strict requirement in order to avoid polluting the environment and putting public health at risk.

Failure to obey this directive may lead to arrest and persecution in accordance with the pooper scooper law.

It is therefore important you bring a small dog poop trash can with you or dog poop bags when out with your dog.


To answer your question is not picking up dog poop illegal? Yes, it is illegal as outlined in the pooper scooper law. Dog poop can be a threat to the environment and to your health if not properly disposed of.

It contains various species of bacteria that transmit diseases to human beings and other animals. Furthermore, it can contaminate the environment, water sources, and other delicate areas.

Thus, failing to pick up dog poop public paces is very much illegal. The poop scooper law that has been implemented across various states has helped to regulate how you deposit the dog poop and failure to follow these guidelines may attract heavy fines.

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