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How To Get Rid Of Dog Poop In The Yard Without Scooping

Are you wondering how to get rid of dog poop in the yard without scooping?

Picking up dog poop is quite a task. As a dog owner myself, I dread picking up dog poop and wish there was a way I can do it without scooping.

I have tried several hacks, which I shall talk about in this article and I hope they will be of help to you too.

Ways on how to get rid of dog poop in the yard without scooping

It may sound impossible, but you actually don’t have to scoop the poop to get rid of it. You can vacuum it, harden it, or dissolve it.

Wondering how you can do this? Let’s see.

1. How to use a dog poop vacuum

It is interesting to know that there are vacuums designed specifically for picking up dog poop.

For instance, this Powerpet vacuum can be used to quickly pick dog waste from any type of surface be it glass, concrete, or snow.

It suctions the waste into a plastic bag that is wrapped around the vacuum’s intake. This means that you don’t even have to bend to clean up.

However, the device needs to be charged since it uses an electric motor. When fully charged, it can do up to 50 dog poop cleanups.

In addition, it comes with 10 pooch power waste bags that can hold a week’s worth of waste.

So, you don’t have to scoop the poop. Also, you don’t have to do any cleaning afterward since the bags prevent the waste from touching the vacuum.

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2. How to harden dog poop to pick it up

Well, if the idea of vacuuming dog poop does not sit well this you, you can try this second option.

This might sound strange but hardening dog poop to make it easy to pick up is really a thing. The technique works best for soft dog poop and not the runny type.

The mess soft poop leaves behind after pick up is quite nauseating. It spreads everywhere from the floor to the poop scooper and the trash can. So you have to do some cleaning afterward.

Luckily, there is a product you can use to harden the waste.

get rid of dog poop in the yard without scooping

This Pop Freeze Aerosol Spray helps to frost the poop to a point where it is easier to pick. It also helps to minimize the foul odor.

However, you need to use it correctly for it to work as expected.  Spray on the waste slowly ensuring all parts are covered and let it sit for a few minutes.

Once it freezes, the poop will be dry enough to pick and dispose of in the trash.

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3. Dissolving dog poop in the yard

This option is great for the backyard and outdoors.

When dog poop is left without being picked, it starts to dissolve naturally. This however takes some time since it’s a natural process.

You can quicken this by using an enzyme-based dissolver.

Some dissolvers take longer than others but this Doggie Dooley waste terminator starts to dissolve the poop within minutes.

It consists of a concentrated formula that not only breaks down the waste but also minimizes the odor. In addition, it is harmless since it does not contain toxic enzymes or bacteria.

A 360 grams container of this terminator, can last for about 1 year.

However, it is important to note that this terminator works best to dissolve poop that is put in a waste disposal system like the Doggie Dooley pet waste system.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the system, you can take a metal trash can, cut the bottom part and dig it into the ground. This is where you will be putting the dog waste and adding the terminator to dissolve the waste.

You can also get rid of the dog poop odor in the yard using the Microbe-Lift yard odor eliminator.

This eliminator works by breaking the waste down into carbon dioxide and water. This helps to get rid of dog and cat poop and urine smell from the lawn, Astroturf, deck, and even artificial grass.

As a result, your dog or cat will not be drawn to the same spot.

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To conclude, the above are ways on how to get rid of dog poop in the yard without scooping. You can use a dog poop vacuum that picks the waste from any type of surface even on snow.

You can also opt to harden the poop to make it easier to pick by using the best dog poop freeze spray. Alternatively, you can dissolve the waste using a dog poop terminator which disintegrates it within hours.